The Most Deadly-Effective Trick of Online Marketing that Hypnotizes People to Flash out Their Credit Cards Instantly!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

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Now that they know you always keep your words, they'll keep in mind not to letrepparttar next opportunity slip away. Next time they won't wait for another second to buy from you!

What I have for you here is a groundbreaking idea for your deadline marketing...

Instead of saying,

"If you don't delay and order now, you'll get 50% off. The original price is $100, but order now and you pay only $50. Order before midnight and you'll get this special price. Remember if you order after midnight, expect to pay $100!"


"Take an unfair advantage of our online marketing test. For 7 days only, our company decides to slash 50% offrepparttar 125019 original price in order to see whether pricing affects sales. In our doing so, you arerepparttar 125020 one who gains! During our marketing test, don't pay us $100. Keep $50 to yourself now!"

Seerepparttar 125021 difference? Feelrepparttar 125022 impact?

If you decide to userepparttar 125023 deadline marketing, don't forget to make it right and makerepparttar 125024 most out of it.

Apart from writing a HARD-TO-SAY-NO deadline, here isrepparttar 125025 "one-of-a-kind" tool to accelerate your prospects' buying decision....

Go get yourself a dynamic countdown javascript and put it on your site...

It's FREE! And it works like miracle. Believe it or not? People tend to feelrepparttar 125026 rush to act when they seerepparttar 125027 clock ticking!

P.S. Be different. You can still offerrepparttar 125028 deadlines, but make sure you take a different approach!

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Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

Written by Dave Balch

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If you are selling gift certificates, they cannot expire. Someone has given you money for a product or service that you have not yet delivered; to allow that to expire is unethical in my opinion, unless you returnrepparttar money torepparttar 125018 purchaser afterrepparttar 125019 expiration date.

Accounting for them, however, can be a problem. A friend of mine received landscaping gift certificates for several years. She accumulated them until she had a big project to do, andrepparttar 125020 nursery that issued them was mortified that they were going to have to honor them all at once. If you think about it, though, they got a better deal because they had use ofrepparttar 125021 money for all of that time, andrepparttar 125022 buying power ofrepparttar 125023 money they received has diminished over time; a $100 certificate, for example, issued 5 years ago won't buy as much today as it would have then. Gift certificates should be carried on your books as a liability. That way, you don't realizerepparttar 125024 revenue or takerepparttar 125025 profit untilrepparttar 125026 certificates are redeemed.

Some people haverepparttar 125027 feeling that gift certificates are too much trouble because ofrepparttar 125028 liability and accounting, but my feeling is that you should do what's best for your customer, not what's best for you.

Coupons and gift certificates are good tools. Use them, but be smart about it.

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