The Most Beneficial and Most Under-Used Web Site Promotion Tool

Written by Rich Brunelle

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What do you have to do to get your Press Release published? There are only two rules to successful Press Release distribution and publication. 1. WRITE WELL. And 2. SUBMIT IT WELL. There are no Editors that like poorly written anything. Poorly worded or full of grammatical errors gets one thing,repparttar trash. And, regardless of many peoples opinion,repparttar 128245 News Distribution Service utilized is very important. You can submit a press release about Jimmy Johnson getting caught eating boogers and subsequently getting promoted fromrepparttar 128246 Mailroom to Building Maintenance, as long as you followrepparttar 128247 proceeding rules.

To write a Press Release well, you have to understandrepparttar 128248 use of a Press Release. A press Release is not a Sales Brochure. A Press Release is not for telling stories about your weird Uncle Alfred. A press Release is to tellrepparttar 128249 world some newsworthy event has or will occur. And believe it or not, your web site or business probably has such newsworthy events happening allrepparttar 128250 time. Once you have ascertained that you have such an event to tellrepparttar 128251 world about, you have to write your article properly. Not only do most places you can submit your Press Release to require it be in a certain format, but they also expect it to read a certain way.

A Press Release should start strong with an informative title, followed by an equally strong first paragraph. The first paragraph should contain answers to Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Subsequent paragraphs should be used for interview quotes and or supportive content. Having done that, there is one more important element to a proper Press Release. There is no such thing as an anonymous Press Release. Press Releases contain allrepparttar 128252 specifics relative torepparttar 128253 person makingrepparttar 128254 Press Release. There are some Editors and Journalists that actually want to discussrepparttar 128255 Press Release content, and your Press Release will not seerepparttar 128256 first glimpse of publication if they are unable to contact you.

This article has not prepared you for writing and distributing your Press Release properly. Doing so is not my intent. The sole intent of this article has been to raise your awareness regardingrepparttar 128257 value of Press Releases. I recommend that you consult a professional, read a book onrepparttar 128258 topic, or find a friend that works in Public Relations to help you for best promotion of your company or web site using Press Releases. But, if you are willing to put forthrepparttar 128259 effort, you will findrepparttar 128260 Press Release one ofrepparttar 128261 strongest promotional tools available to you in any media.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Richard Brunelle is CC&BW for datajam’s Internet at He has been providing technical support services, building web sites, and writing informative articles since 1996.

What Should You Know About Search Engines and Pay-Per-Click?

Written by Chet Childers

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However, pay-per-click offers one significant advantage.  It enables you to achieve website visibility with a high ranking instantaneously or overnight.  If you want to draw traffic to your website fast for any reason, pay-per-click can make that happen. Remember, maximizingrepparttar standard search engine process takes time!    Let’s summarizerepparttar 128244 pros and cons of pay-per-click marketing: 


* Improves your website’s ranking and traffic quickly. * Testsrepparttar 128245 marketability of your product or service swiftly. * Determinesrepparttar 128246 ability of your web site to convert visitors to a call to action or make a purchase promptly. * Identifies which keyword phrases will providerepparttar 128247 best conversion rate rapidly. * Provides complete control ofrepparttar 128248 search engine campaign, both position and cost.


* Cost

Many individuals criticize pay-per-click because ofrepparttar 128249 costs involved. But, have you really thought aboutrepparttar 128250 cost issue?  Unless you or someone in your organization has expertise in search engine optimization, you’ll probably pay several thousand dollars in fees to a search engine optimization specialist to improve and optimize your website to achieve higher rankings inrepparttar 128251 standard search engines.  So, my question to you is.  Arerepparttar 128252 standard search engine rankings really free?

Atrepparttar 128253 end ofrepparttar 128254 standard versus pay-per-click search engine debate, it’s likerepparttar 128255 old saying, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Or, it’s likerepparttar 128256 old commercial, “You can pay me now or you can pay me later.” The reality ofrepparttar 128257 debate is you must evaluate your specific website situation and utilizerepparttar 128258 search engine approach that maximizes your website promotion goals and investment.

Chet Childers is a successful Internet marketer utilizing both pay-per-click marketing and search engine optimization to increase website traffic. His clients’ websites promote products such as window treatments, furniture, medical uniforms, swimming pool tiles, capital equipment, computer software and much more. To learn more, visit and enroll in our free e-course.

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