The More You Know About Advertising, the Better It Works for You!

Written by Marion B Staerns

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Money, business, life and happiness ALL make uprepparttar promise you make to yourself. You must develop a healthy perspective on HOW all these things relate to each other.

It's been said that GRACE can be described in more than one way.

1. A delicate etiquette class by Miss Manners herself!

2. Don't forgetrepparttar 142043 time you spend praying forrepparttar 142044 money to operate your internet business.

3. Last but not least....rememberrepparttar 142045 amount of time you have before you make a credit card payment for your e-business bills. That's your Grace Period!

All advertising is NOT created equal. Do your best to shop where your best interest, is always inrepparttar 142046 advertiser's mind. A well balanced, comprehensive promotional effort, can help you shop wisely and stretch those dollars!

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Traffic Methods That Actually Send YOUR Traffic to OTHER Websites

Written by Oksana Savaryn

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Surfing for Traffic – There are all kinds of programs where you can surf other people’s websites in return for other people surfing yours. These programs are generally free.

Search Engine Submission – It’s big business but is a COMPLETE waste of time and money – Let us start by saying that you should NEVER pay anyone to submit your website to search engines. First of all, many of these programs use auto-submitters, which are against many search engine guidelines. Butrepparttar biggest “scam” of all is that these companies will say things like: “Submit your site torepparttar 142029 top 500 search engines” “Your site submitted to 5000 search engines” Let’s be serious. There aren’t 5000 worthwhile search engines, let alone 500. There are just a handful of search engines that will bring you a significant amount of traffic. These include Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Then you’ll probably see some traffic from AOL, Netscape, Ask Jeeves, EarthLink, DogPile and a few more. But you know what? You don’t actually have to submit to these sites to get listed. Search engines follow links onrepparttar 142030 Internet and if you have websites linking to you, these search engines will find you. So, if you want to get listed and stay listed, all you need is to acquire a few links to your website. If you don’t believe us, take it from Google & Yahoo:

Google Webmaster Guidelines: "We add thousands of new sites to our index each time we crawlrepparttar 142031 Web, but if you’d like, you may submit your URL as well. Submission is not necessary and does not guarantee inclusion in our index. Givenrepparttar 142032 large number of sites submitting URLs, it's likely your pages will be found in an automatic crawl before they make it into our index throughrepparttar 142033 URL submission form... ...The best way to ensure Google finds your site is for your page to be linked from lots of pages on other sites. Google's robots jump from page to page onrepparttar 142034 Web via hyperlinks, sorepparttar 142035 more sites that link to you,repparttar 142036 more likely it is that we'll find you quickly."

Yahoo Help: "Yahoo! Search crawlsrepparttar 142037 web every 2-4 weeks and automatically finds new content for indexing. If pages already inrepparttar 142038 Yahoo! Search index link to your site, it will be considered for inclusion inrepparttar 142039 next update ofrepparttar 142040 index."

So, If you want a search engine to index you, get links from other sites on similar topics. We can give you help to post information on other sites. Just visit to find more information about advertising solutions.


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