The Monsters Out Of The Cage - Part 2

Written by John Colanzi

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You've got your classified ads ready to start pulling in repparttar leads, now you'll need a powerful sales letter to closerepparttar 129838 sale. Sales letters are an art in themselves.

If you haven't written sales letters before,repparttar 129839 best place to start is by reading "Million Dollar Sales Letters". This famous book contains 15 powerful sales letters that have created millions of dollars in sales for companies such asrepparttar 129840 Wall Street Journal.

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Ok. You're almost there.

* You've gotrepparttar 129841 next sure-fire best seller.

* You've gotrepparttar 129842 attention grabbing, lead generating classified ads ready to work their magic.

* You've got your million dollar sales letter ready to closerepparttar 129843 sale and start filling your inbox with orders.

Wow! We've come a long way. In part 3 we'll work on setting up your order grabbing direct response web site.

Inrepparttar 129844 words of Hannibal Hayes fromrepparttar 129845 A Team, "I love it when a plan starts to come together."

Wishing You Success

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How to Control The "Command Center" In Your Prospect's Mind

Written by Joe Vitale

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And AS you write, you are also asking yourself, "What is my reader thinking right now?" This is much like trying to handle objections in a traditional sales call. The difference is, you are doing this in writing. Your customer isn't standing in front of you. He or she may be thousands of miles away.

But that person is reading your words---voicing those words of yours in their head---and that person is asking him or herself questions. Anticipate them and answer them and you will uprepparttar odds in creating a sales letter that easily persuades.

Let me explain this another way: Hypnotists know that you will obey their commands as long as you don't already have a counter-suggestion in you torepparttar 129837 contrary. They can tell you to "Go openrepparttar 129838 window," and you will do just that UNLESS you have a counter-thought, such as, "But it's cold outside" or "I don't have a good reason to openrepparttar 129839 window."

This same dynamic goes on inside your readers. You can tell them to "Send me money now for my new gizmo," and they will do exactly that UNLESS they have counter-thoughts (read objections) in them. As you probably know, most of your readers will have counter-thoughts. Your job is to anticipate them and answer them and THEN give your command.

I use this little known hypnotic skill in all my sales letters. I work hard to create a headline that relays a benefit in a curious way. I sweat to write an opening that yanks attention from wherever it was, to my words. And then I use this "hypnotic dialogue process" to writerepparttar 129840 letter.

In other words, I write my letter while pretending to talk to one person about my product or service. In a real way, I'm talking to myself. As I "talk" onrepparttar 129841 page, I imagine what my prospect will ask next. It's a dialogue in my mind. Butrepparttar 129842 truth is, that same dialogue will end up in my prospect's mind if I do this right. You've been doing it throughout this article. You've been reading my words and asking yourself questions. Right?

Throughoutrepparttar 129843 writing of this article, I kept asking myself, "What will he ask?" By anticipating your questions, I could handle them in a persuasive way. I could, in short, lead you to my way of thinking and to doing what I want.

For example, right after my opening paragraph, I wrote, "Sound hard to believe?" I placedrepparttar 129844 question there because that's probably exactly where you ASKEDrepparttar 129845 question in your own mind. You read my opening lines---about my big promise to show you how to get people to send you money---and inside yourself you said something like, "That's pretty hard to believe. Prove it." And right there, right on cue, comes my question. I anticipated your thoughts and answered them by usingrepparttar 129846 dialogue process.

And what did I install in your mind while you were reading?

Go back through this article and see if you can find this "dialogue process" at work. And then notice what you do next, because that action will reflectrepparttar 129847 command I secretly embedded in you. And now that your objections are handled, you have little choice but to act on it, or not.

Joe Vitale, regarded as one of the world's most powerful copywriters, is a best-selling author of numerous marketing books and courses. His tremendously successful "Hypnotic Writing" e-book is now succeeded by "Advanced Hypnotic Writing," a breakthrough book that reveals how to use the phenomenon of hypnotic suggestion to turn your words into cash.

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