The Money Value of Time

Written by Elena Fawkner

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Think $30 here or there won't make any difference? Think about this. Do it twice a week and you've just lost over $3,000 forrepparttar year in potential business. And when you consider that some of that $3,000 in business would have become repeat business, you're cheating your business out of some serious income.

Applyrepparttar 117740 same thought process to when you actually ARE working also. What'srepparttar 117741 better use of your time -- writing an article for this week's issue of your ezine which will hopefully be picked up by other sites and publishers, thereby providing you with valuable free publicity -- or stopping what you're doing every ten minutes each time you get new email? And reading it.

Remember:repparttar 117742 hour or two you spend writing your article needs to returnrepparttar 117743 equivalent of $40 in income. Writing articles isrepparttar 117744 equivalent of free advertising. You can *easily* generate at *least* $40 in income with that sort of no-cost publicity. My articles published on other websites and in other ezines bring me hundreds of new visitors each week. All for about two hours worth of work on my part. No amount of time spent reading email will ever do that.

Contrast how much income you generate by reading non- business-related email during working hours. Zero. It makes absolutely no contribution to your bottom line. So, don't do it when you're working. Do it on your own time.

By having your "hourly rate" uppermost in mind at all times, you can always decide what'srepparttar 117745 best use of your time. Quite simply, it's whatever alternative will make a direct contribution to your bottom line.

Now, obviously, no-one's going to step forward and hand you $20 every time you complete an hour's work. You're not someone else's employee - you're running your own show.

Some weeks you'll put in 50 hours but will only receive $100 that week. Or less. But other weeks, you'll put in repparttar 117746 same number of hours and bank $1,500. It's swings and roundabouts.

It's a good idea to review your expenditure of time against revenue generated on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to get an accurate picture of how you're tracking.

The point is to know what your time is worth so you can ensure you're gettingrepparttar 117747 maximum return on your investment that you possibly can.

It will also help you to determine whenrepparttar 117748 all-important big step of hiring employees isrepparttar 117749 most cost-effective thing to do. If you can generate more income from each hour if you are free to devote your time to business development activities than it will cost you to pay an employee to take overrepparttar 117750 routine, administrative tasks that are currently sucking up all your time, you should hirerepparttar 117751 employee. If you don't know what your time is worth though, how will you ever know when that time has come?

So, next time you're not feeling particularly motivated to write that article and think you'll maybe just go read repparttar 117752 newspaper for an hour or so instead, consider this. Would you rather spend $20 to readrepparttar 117753 newspaper at 11:15 on a Tuesday morning or would you rather read it for free at 7:30?

Time is money and money is time. Spend them wisely.

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"Success is an option, it takes work and sweat!"

Written by Jonathon Ford

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You feel a bit down...

Your buddies inrepparttar office throw out their comments "Yeah, another dot com gone under, wonder how many more this year?" You feel more doubtful asrepparttar 117739 day creeps on.

You boot up inrepparttar 117740 evening and hope you are getting response from some ofrepparttar 117741 two buck ads you have been running, no, nothing there, just heaps of spam fromrepparttar 117742 ads you posted onrepparttar 117743 FFA sites. What a mistake that was. At least you are learning fast where not to post your free ads.

So you ask yourself "How do I find someone I can work with onrepparttar 117744 Internet, reseller programs or whatever, that I can relate to and really trust?"

It's not easy working online (or off), by any stretch ofrepparttar 117745 imagination, The first person to trust is you. That you can really do it. Of course, it takes persistency on a given course and sometimes to doggedly follow through.

Butrepparttar 117746 odds can seem quite overwhelming.

To establish an Internet business takes hard work and a lot of effort. You are looking for information and you find about six ?gurus? who have been making a pile online since 1995. Each tell a different story and you are left wondering who isrepparttar 117747 expert? And you think "Yeah, there are plenty of opinions out there so I must do what works best for me." But what's that? Hey, don?t give up, lots of people do because they get frustrated, you can make it if you are persistent. It?s onlyrepparttar 117748 fools who think they will get wealthy overnight, but there IS money out there, so go find it.

Jonathon Ford "Finally,repparttar 117749 first practical, step-by-step roadmap for Internet success no matter what product or service you sell...

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