The Miracle On 34th Street: Business, And Marketing Success Online

Written by Simon Harris

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Be honest withrepparttar client, You'll find that building this type of relationship with a potential customer who pays you nothing, can have tremendous benefits. They WILL send people to you because they trust you, and inrepparttar 146167 world of online marketing, trust is not something most businesses have achieved.

Your customer base is FAR more than just those who give you money, it includes anyone and everyone who calls you, or contacts you in any way with any type of question about your products or services. While most will not buy from you, how you talk and treat that person could go a long way to that person recommending you to someone else who WILL pay.

It's all about credibility. It's so easy to know who will berepparttar 146168 winners and who will berepparttar 146169 losers from answering a few simple questions.

1) Do you answer your customers email inquiries promptly? Atrepparttar 146170 very minimumrepparttar 146171 same day and even better, within minutes to a few hours? If you do, you are going to be a winner.

2) Or do you let your customer's email sit around unanswered for days at a time? If you do, you will be a loser.

3) Do you give contact information on your web site, including an address where they can contact you? If you do you will be a winner. Don't want to put your home address onrepparttar 146172 site? Fine. Get a P.O. box, They cost $40 per year.

4) Or do you make yourself completely anonymous, no name, nothing about who you are? If you do you will be a loser.

5) Do you have a phone number where you can be reached, posted on your website? If you do you will be a winner, a toll free number and you get even more points! Don't want to use your home phone? Fine get a second line for $15 per month with limited outgoing calls. It's less than $200 per year.

6) Not having a phone number is not always fatal if, and this is a BIG "IF", you have done allrepparttar 146173 other things correctly. Having an immediate way to let customers get in touch with you, even inrepparttar 146174 internet age, still can't be beat and a phone call is stillrepparttar 146175 fastest way to resolve a problem.

Now, only you know if your marketing efforts are paying off. If they're not ask your self how many ofrepparttar 146176 things above are you doing. Honesty is more than just tellingrepparttar 146177 truth to a potential customer, it's also believing in your product. How many of you are running ads for something that you know in your heart, is at best, stretchingrepparttar 146178 truth, that your great product is not going to make someone $10,000 a month likerepparttar 146179 ads say. Are you making $10,000 a month like your ads say? This is all part of becoming successful, you can't build long term success based on a lie or false or misleading information. It just won't work. Your reputation alone can bring in more business than you could ever want, and it's something you are in total control over.

It all comes back to beingrepparttar 146180 Macy's Santa Claus. Be honest. If someone can do whatrepparttar 146181 client needs better than you, tell them. If they really don't need to spend a lot of money with you, tell them. Inrepparttar 146182 end,repparttar 146183 reputation you build will be worth far more than any one sale.

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How Important is your Marketing?

Written by Charlie Cook

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How much more could you be making if you had 3 times as many people contact you about your products and services?

When your prospects are considering a purchase, they are looking to solve a problem. They might want to eliminate back pain, fund their child’s college tuition, sell off their excess inventory quickly so they have more operating cash on hand, as in Bob's case. In every case your prospect has a problem or need that prompted their purchase.

Your prospects are hoping you can help them. They're hoping you haverepparttar solution to making them happier, smarter and richer. They are buyingrepparttar 146166 result you provide.

When a prospect meets you or visits your web site,repparttar 146167 first item they should see is a statement ofrepparttar 146168 problem you solve. Your prospects then immediately know whether you can help them.

Why is your marketing message – your elevator speech – andrepparttar 146169 way you talk about what you do so important?

At ten to twelve words long, your marketing message won't cover allrepparttar 146170 problems you solve, establish your credibility orrepparttar 146171 value you provide. But ifrepparttar 146172 first thing you say to a prospect doesn't get their attention, they won't stay at your web site, readrepparttar 146173 rest of your marketing materials or listen torepparttar 146174 rest of what you have to say.

Bob spent over a decade experimenting to find a marketing message that helped him generate a steady income and then in a few months discovered he could improve on it by three hundred percent. Don't wait ten years to dorepparttar 146175 same with your marketing. Write, test and use a problem solving marketing message and more people will contact you about your products and services. -

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