The Mindful Shopper: Learning From Your Trendy Mistakes

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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A little mindful shopping will help alleviaterepparttar Trendoid syndrome. And while youíre at it, check in with yourself on that monologue going through your head when you see others sportingrepparttar 142555 latest fashion fetish. Youíll learn a whole lot about YOURSELF if you listen carefully and--this isrepparttar 142556 hard part--non-judgmentally.

If you do melt at that crucial cash register moment, donít berate yourself. Simply take note ofrepparttar 142557 way you feel now, and pay attention to how you feel later. Can you see that downward slide? Ah. Thatís better. Things are getting clearer now.

Buying into a trend helps us feel connected when what we really long for is a sense of confidence. Take a look at how you can create greater confidence WITHOUT buying that blouse-of-the-moment, and find ways to tweakrepparttar 142558 latest trend in a way that makes you feel more creative.

Fashion can be fun and absolutely harmless, and you can use your mindful mall meanders to tap into your own sense of who you are--and what you REALLY need.

Now, thatís what I call a perfect shopping day.

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse in Portland, Oregon. Through her company, Real-World Mindfulness Training, she teaches fun and powerful eyes-wide-open alternatives to meditation. To subscribe to her free weekly ezine, the Friday Mind Massage, please visit

Visioning Your Future

Written by Joanne Wiley

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I have been a spiritual seeker all my life and felt that it would be difficult to find someone who hadrepparttar same values and ideas. It had been difficult for Nick to accept them and that was uncomfortable for us. My future partner would need to have those interests.

So, I thought about my values, my wants and needs. I considered my life in all aspects: how I wanted my work life, my living space, and my relationships.

My vision included all these things, described in detail that delighted me. I continued by listing allrepparttar 142534 aspects I wanted in my future partner, without being too specific. For instance, I listed that I wanted a handsome, attractive partner, but did not specify that he had black hair, blue eyes, and six feet tall.

I wrote my first draft, then meditated about it and finished my vision. Three weeks later, I metrepparttar 142535 man of my dreams!

He is a perfect match for me and six years later, it continues to be wonderful. We live, love and laugh joyously. Life is fantastic.

Andrepparttar 142536 amazing thing is: atrepparttar 142537 time I was writing a vision of my ideal life and partner, so was he! The Universe, in a magnificent gesture, brought us together through a mutual friend.

Vision writing is very powerful and isrepparttar 142538 first step inrepparttar 142539 process of transition. Its power lies inrepparttar 142540 creation of an image that attracts our desires to us. We energize our vision by enjoying its images as if we were actually living it now. This is like putting gas in our car, givingrepparttar 142541 vision energy to have it happen.

As I wrote my vision, I spent time imagining allrepparttar 142542 details so that I could see, hear, smell and taste it. All of this imagining was done with emotion. I visualized actually standing inrepparttar 142543 rooms, feltrepparttar 142544 Egyptian cotton sheets, enjoyedrepparttar 142545 smells inrepparttar 142546 garden, and felt my lover touch my skin, mmm, delicious!

Sometimes change is foisted on us, when someone leaves us, or we create it, when we leave a situation. Vision writing creates a clear picture of your new beginning and gathers your resources together to manage it, if you will allow it.

Write your vision, and give permission for your dreams to unfold. Yes!

Joanne Wiley co-owns Full Life Seminars with her husband Hugh. Her passion and purpose is to motivate you to respond to your inner voice that lovingly encourages you to grow, despite your fears. She can be reached at

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