The Middle East: Prior Claims?

Written by The Indignant Bystander / Francis Shimandle

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Again, there has never been a Palestinian state. Not underrepparttar reign of Israel, of Babylon,repparttar 126059 Romans, norrepparttar 126060 Crusaders,repparttar 126061 Turks norrepparttar 126062 English, and not underrepparttar 126063 rule ofrepparttar 126064 Arab Kingdom of Jordan. Evidence shows that it was never even brought up until after Israel again was established in its homeland.

Michael Kelly made several points in his May 8, 2002 Washington Post article “Israel’s Phony Partner” which look at Yasser Arafat’s role inrepparttar 126065 “ peace process”. Onrepparttar 126066 second day of 1967’s Six Day War, Foreign Minister Abba Eban met withrepparttar 126067 U.N. Security Council to make Israel’s case for preemptive strikes in a war forced by Arab nations. Looking at each ambassador he faced, Eban said, “Look around this table and imagine a foreign power forcibly closing New York or Montreal, Boston or Marseille, Toulon or Copenhagen, Rio or Tokyo or Bombay Harbor. How would your government react? What would you do? How long would you wait? The questions remain, and how - or whether - to recognize Arafat as a “partner for peace” becomesrepparttar 126068 current quandary. Officially,repparttar 126069 U.S. still holdsrepparttar 126070 position that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ought to “recognize whorepparttar 126071 Palestinian people look to as their leader,” no matter “how disappointed we’ve been with him over time.”

Disappointed? Let’s recap. He was givenrepparttar 126072 Nobel Peace Prize. Awarded much ofrepparttar 126073 land he demanded, plus a $90 million monthly(!) budget, allowed to build an armed force on Israeli territory. Finally, (as America’s former top negotiator, Dennis Ross, revealed recently on Fox News), he got both President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon to promise him all of Gaza and most ofrepparttar 126074 West Bank as an independent and joined Palestinian state, including a right of Palestinian return to that state, plus a multibillion-dollar reparations fund - and what does he do? Goes to war, and proveably orchestrates terrorist attacks against Israel. Yes, disappointed.

Some U.S. media, and even Secretary of State Colin Powell, may still believe Arafat is a peace partner, though Powell noted “we all may disagree with what Mr. Arafat had done over time.” We sure may. Takerepparttar 126075 murder of 6 people and wounding of 30 more at an Israeli girl’s Jan. 17 bat mitzvah in Hadera, just one of many terrorist acts directly linked to Arafat’s control in documents found by Israeli forces in Palestinian Authority offices. These documents were revealed in a 103-page report released by Israel’s government in support of Sharon’s position that they cannot pursue peace with Arafat as a “partner”.

Mr. Kelly’s article states, “The New York Times buried its coverage ofrepparttar 126076 report on A10 and sniffed thatrepparttar 126077 evidence did ‘not appear to show definitively thatrepparttar 126078 Palestinian leader ordered terror attacks.’ The Post gave it front-page play but was even more dismissive, treatingrepparttar 126079 Israeli evidence with open disdain. The first ‘objective’ characterization ofrepparttar 126080 material, third paragraph, does not addressrepparttar 126081 documentary evidence at all but in a contrary slant notes thatrepparttar 126082 report contains ‘a great many assertions and allegations for which no documentary proof is offered.’ In paragraph 12, after three paragraphs of Palestinian officials and lawyers dismissingrepparttar 126083 evidence as propaganda, The Post's reporter offersrepparttar 126084 first and only judgment supportingrepparttar 126085 Israeli side: ‘Nevertheless, some ofrepparttar 126086 material inrepparttar 126087 report appears potentially damaging torepparttar 126088 Palestinians, and could hurt their standing in international public opinion.’”

In light ofrepparttar 126089 spurious claims of Palestinian sovereignty to begin with, and growing evidence of Arafat’s ongoing commitment torepparttar 126090 destruction of Israel and her people through any and all means, this cannot be viewed as balanced reporting.

Ifrepparttar 126091 U.S. had credible evidence to believe that a certain rogue Islamic leader was responsible for a terrorist campaign of murder and destruction against America and her people, what would we do? How long would we wait? We’ve already begun to live this. And we did exactlyrepparttar 126092 right thing. Without delay. We mounted an army, with support from many free world governments, against that leader and his followers. We bombed them, shot them, chased and arrested them and shipped them to Guantanamo Bay. And if we had their leader trapped in his compound, we would not even consider letting him out and setting him up as a “partner for peace”.

One of life’s strangest ironies is that people of two ofrepparttar 126093 world’s three major monotheistic religions, sharingrepparttar 126094 teachings of Abraham, continue this history of bloodshed. They are brother tribes, both Semites, descendants of Shem. (Despiterepparttar 126095 consistent misuse ofrepparttar 126096 term, “anti-semitic” refers to hatred of Arab and Jew alike.) Brothers and sisters, whose bickering has gone obscenely far beyond sibling rivalry.

Marketing and Promotion veteran of 30+ years, Mr. Shimandle writes on a variety of current events, mystery fiction and childrens' stories. He partners a website, and operates a marketing consulting business in the Chicago area.

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