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Written by Chris Small

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"You'll seldom experience regret for anything that you've done. It is what you haven't done that will torment you. The message, therefore, is clear. Do it! Develop an appreciation forrepparttar present moment. Seize every second of your life and savor it. Value your present moments. Using them up in any self- defeating ways means you've lost them forever." -- Wayne Dyer

A solid Internet presence does not include one of those free pages with address’s that read something like this www.imtoocheaptogetmyown/members/freepages/myname.htm. Now I may be exaggerating slightly but not much. My very first webpage address was 48 characters long. Yes,repparttar 117994 page was FREE, butrepparttar 117995 results reflected that too (one $5.00 sale). They’re okay for personal pages and fooling around, but not if you want to be taken seriously. You really must acquire your own domain. No ifs, ands or buts about it!

Once you have; decided on a product or service, reservedrepparttar 117996 site name, and made your best deal on domain space, you’re ready to start marketing. The next order of business is to start repparttar 117997 design ofrepparttar 117998 site. Should you do it yourself or hire a professional? This is a tough question to answer. Some people have a natural artistic inclination, some don't. Some budgets don't allow for anything but doing it yourself. In that caserepparttar 117999 decision is simple.

I am a big believer in havingrepparttar 118000 best possible first impression. You might consider hiring a professional to dorepparttar 118001 default page and create a template for further pages that you will make on your own. That being said, there is also a huge feeling of satisfaction in doingrepparttar 118002 job yourself from scratch.

My personal experience included learning how and doing it all myself inrepparttar 118003 beginning when I could affordrepparttar 118004 time, and later hiring a professional (who did a fabulous job), after my time became better spent focusing onrepparttar 118005 marketing.

Another absolute necessity forrepparttar 118006 serious web marketer is to publish an opt-in newsletter or ezine. This is how you stay in touch with your prospects and of course remind them to come back to your site. It could be something as elementary as alerting people to changes on your site or simple price updates. Or you could produce a full blown Electronic magaZINE. Again, you should be subscribing to other ezines for ideas and information.

Sidenote: Always seek out and obtain an authors permission before using all or part of their work. Plagiarism does not pay!

A lot of EZINES offerrepparttar 118007 reader information of great value for FREE. This accomplishes two things.

1) It establishes you as an expert, or at least a source of expert information.

2) It encouragesrepparttar 118008 subscriber to keep reading your ezine regularly. Of course when they readrepparttar 118009 information they can't help but seerepparttar 118010 ads for your products or services.

Many successful ezine publishers will accept paid for ads from related non competing businesses. This can add a very nice profit center to your online business. A popular variation of this is to swap ezine ads with your competition. This will increase your exposure to other readers who may not have found your site otherwise.

"It's kind of fun to dorepparttar 118011 impossible." Walt Disney


"The first requisite for success isrepparttar 118012 ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary." --Thomas A. Edison

The number one priority above all else is to get traffic. You can haverepparttar 118013 prettiest site,repparttar 118014 best ezine,repparttar 118015 most education, and repparttar 118016 most fantastic product onrepparttar 118017 Internet, but it will gain you nothing if people don't get exposed to it. ‘Build it and they will come’ might work inrepparttar 118018 movies, but onrepparttar 118019 Internet you need TRAFFIC!

There are many more aspects to managing a successful Internet presence and we will discuss them in future issues. These arerepparttar 118020 basics,repparttar 118021 starting point,repparttar 118022 Micro View.

You probably have figured out by now that I am a big believer in motivational quotes. I‘d like to leave you with my all time favorite.....

“DESTINY is... not a matter of chance, it is a matter of CHOICE; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing be ACHIEVED” William Jennings Bryan

Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of several successful websites. If you would like to read more articles like this by Chris go to

5 Success Strategies for Newcomers Who Want to Start an Internet Business

Written by Candice Pardue

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You'll get results by targeting your site. You can create a niche (small unique market) onrepparttar Internet and still reach a large number of people. As a matter of fact, most companies that are making money onrepparttar 117993 Internet focus on one simple product and specialize.

Remember, you can always introduce other products later. Your main concern right now is to getrepparttar 117994 customer, right? It's much easier to design, promote, and support one item than to dissipate your time with twenty different products.

Now that you have your niche, it's time to.....

5. Promote Your Site and Reaprepparttar 117995 Benefits

Okay. You've created a targeted site that appeals to your customer. Now it's time to promote. Promotion isrepparttar 117996 key phase of building your business online. You've got to go out and get your customers.

The most successful proven methods of building a business onrepparttar 117997 Internet are:

- search engine positioning - online targeted advertising - making your site known to your current offline customers - press releases - newsgroup postings - link trades - publishing a targeted ezine

I could give you detail about how to implement each but space in this article does not permit it.

One resource I've found very helpful in implementation of all these suggestions is a new book called Make Your Site Sell by Dr. Ken Evoy. It has everything you need to know from start to finish about creating a successful online business.

A final note. Remember, nothing works until you use it. Re-read this article, do one or two ofrepparttar 117998 steps at a time, and you'll start to see results from your web site.

Candice Pardue is the Webmaster and co-creator of Online Success for Internet Business - Developing cutting edge marketing techniques for emerging and established Internet businesses. Lots of free articles, tools, and resources for building Web traffic. Visit Online Success at:

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