The Message Bill Heard

Written by Abraham Thomas

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Bill: You mean this gift of wisdom is available only if my limbic system is switched off?

Voice: The limbic system can never be switched off. It isrepparttar final switching point for action. It is designed for your protection, to prevent your will from doing anything foolish. Many feelings compete there. But,repparttar 149220 most powerful feeling rules. Pattern recognition again.

Bill: I don't understand, Lord.

Voice: Will yourself to nudge your neighbour while standing in a crowded lift. Your will failed. Your elbow remained frozen in space. Why? Because it was improper. Opposed torepparttar 149221 norms of your herd. Your limbic system decided and over ruled your will.

Bill: So, I really don't have a free will! I am just an automaton, driven by my animal memories! This is unfair!

Voice: Cherishrepparttar 149222 love that protects you from harm. We gave you a guardian angel in your limbic system. But, that region is but a safety valve. You still haverepparttar 149223 broad road to wisdom in your pre-frontal regions.

Bill: But, Lord, fear and anger, shame and jealousy still torture us.

Voice: Your emotions give you partisan views of your environment. That is how intuition,repparttar 149224 algorithm that controls your neural system, works. Intuition identifies a pattern by eliminating every other pattern, which does not fitrepparttar 149225 context. When you are angry, you cannot feel love for your opponent. Emotions blind you.

Bill: How can I control those emotions?

Voice: Wisdom. You have expanded your knowledge across millenniums. Thunder frightens you no more, because you know its true cause and effect. Your civilisation has expandedrepparttar 149226 boundaries of your knowledge and stilled your primitive fears and anxieties.

Bill: But that same civilisation has created new pressures and tensions. We fear earthquakes and typhoons, wars and nuclear bombs. Threatening patterns constantly surround us. Angry bosses and traffic hazards.

Voice: Your limbic system constantly triggers bodily responses to threatening events. Those adrenaline responses make you feel bad. But, you can cope. Just pump your stomach. The released adrenaline will be dissipated in minutes. Remember to pump your stomach, when you feel uneasy about something. Minor irritations will soon fail to bother you.

Bill: I tried that and it works. It makes me feel much calmer. But, Lord, stomach pumping only stills minor emotions. When I am faced with real problems, emotions still torture me. I am going to lose my job and that fills me with dread.

Voice: You can still even those emotions. They occur with distinct physical symptoms, which dramatizerepparttar 149227 emotions. When you become aware ofrepparttar 149228 physical symptom of your emotion, you breakrepparttar 149229 link. You weakenrepparttar 149230 emotion and destroy its power to dominate. Identifyrepparttar 149231 tightness in your chest andrepparttar 149232 dread will fade away. You will seerepparttar 149233 event withoutrepparttar 149234 painful patina ofrepparttar 149235 emotion. The loss of a job will not fill you with dread. You will see it as merely another problem to be solved by your wisdom.

Bill: But, how can I identifyrepparttar 149236 physical symptom, when I am filled with dread?

Voice: That is why, across centuries, your sages have praisedrepparttar 149237 benefits of prayer and meditation. Become still and aware ofrepparttar 149238 workings of your mind. Explorerepparttar 149239 vast territories of your mind even as you explorerepparttar 149240 world. You will then become aware of emotions and their towering effects. You will learn to still them. Go forth and tell this torepparttar 149241 world. That way lies your freedom fromrepparttar 149242 primitive systems you inherited. That way lies peace on earth.

Bill: Peace has been in short supply on earth.

Voice: This Message will bring peace.

Bill: Will anybody listen?

Voice: Probably not.

Bill: Do you mind repeatingrepparttar 149243 Message?

Abraham Thomas is the author of The Intuitive Algorithm, a book, which suggests that intuition is a pattern recognition algorithm. The ebook version is available at The book may be purchased only in India. The website, provides a free movie and a walk through to explain the ideas.

The precious coin

Written by Adeolu Oluade

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What isrepparttar assessment ofrepparttar 149155 Lord for believers on both sides ofrepparttar 149156 precious coin? Heb.11:39(KJV) "And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received notrepparttar 149157 promise:" The crystal-clear answer is 'a good report'! Saints on both sides of 'the precious coin' form God's winning team as portrayed in 'The ultimate game' In this dispensation of grace,the chief motivating force for these 'winners' is God's love inrepparttar 149158 regenerate human heart:- Gal. 5:6(Amplified Bible) "For [if we are] in Christ Jesus, neither circumcision nor uncircumcision counts for anything, but only faith activated and energized and expressed and working through love." This brand of love is poured intorepparttar 149159 regenerate human heart byrepparttar 149160 Holy Spirit:- Rom.5:5(KJV) "And hope maketh not ashamed; becauserepparttar 149161 love of God is shed abroad in our hearts byrepparttar 149162 Holy Ghost which is given unto us." Without love, anyone(onrepparttar 149163 sunny side) who has faith that moves mountains is nothing(1 Cor.13:2). And if anyone(onrepparttar 149164 cloudy side) gives his/her body to be burnt without love,the martyrdom is unprofitable(1 Cor.13:3). Every member of God's kingdom has a regenerate heart. A regenerate heart is only possible throughrepparttar 149165 new birth(John 3:3-8). Beforerepparttar 149166 new birth,every human heart is unregenerate:- Jer.17:9-10(KJV) "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Irepparttar 149167 LORD searchrepparttar 149168 heart, I tryrepparttar 149169 reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according torepparttar 149170 fruit of his doings." The new birth takes place when any person has a personal encounter with Jesus Christ ;and humbly and sincerely receives him as Lord and Saviour(Rom.10:9-13). When this happens(either dramatically or quietly),the person becomes a member of God's kingdom(Col.1:13).

The testimonies(Heb.11) of these heroes of faith inspire,encourage,and comfort everyone currently in 'the good fight of faith'(1 Tim.6:12)to singly focus onrepparttar 149171 author and finisher of 'the precious coin' so as to fulfill God's purposes:- Heb.12:1-2(KJV) "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, andrepparttar 149172 sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patiencerepparttar 149173 race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesusrepparttar 149174 author and finisher of our faith; who forrepparttar 149175 joy that was set before him enduredrepparttar 149176 cross, despisingrepparttar 149177 shame, and is set down atrepparttar 149178 right hand ofrepparttar 149179 throne of God."

British-born Nigerian christian writer living and working in London,UK with

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