The Mercy of Others

Written by Gerald L. Campbell

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Herein liesrepparttar crux of America's current social predicament. Only as a similar dialogue is replicated inrepparttar 109422 lives of individuals throughout America willrepparttar 109423 wounds of personal alienation be healed, andrepparttar 109424 ills of our society be ameliorated. If we but seizerepparttar 109425 moment, and set in motion a creative dynamic that will energize each of us to care for and to help one another through individual acts of love, compassion, understanding, and mercyrepparttar 109426 moral and spiritual bonds of community will be strengthened,repparttar 109427 dynamics of our most fundamental institutions --repparttar 109428 family,repparttar 109429 schools, andrepparttar 109430 churches -- will be renewed, andrepparttar 109431 quality of life for all Americans will be enhanced.

Gerald L. Campbell

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Gerald L. Campbell served as senior staff to Members of the U.S. House of Representatives for nine years. He became Senior Advisor to the Director of the United States Information Agency (USIA) under President Ronald Reagan and President George Bush.

Campbell went on to serve the administration of President George Bush and later, he served Texas Governor Bush as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of Health at the Texas Department of Health in Austin.

What makes for good online learning?

Written by Phil Garing

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Alliances and Initiatives

Announcements of e-learning collaborative initiatives amongst and between commercial and educational institutions are a daily event. Many are funded by venture capital, and often combine an IT company's expertise withrepparttar knowledge base of an educational provider. The following examples are illustrative ofrepparttar 109421 range of initiatives taking place. There are also some trends starting to emerge: - Globalisation of education and training means progressive educational institutions are combining forces to make availablerepparttar 109422 capital and infrastructure necessary to produce online solutions that will tap intorepparttar 109423 new global market - Education is becoming one ofrepparttar 109424 core areas of venture capital investment in online solutions generally. The traditional idea that educational institutions were non-profit organisations working forrepparttar 109425 public good is fading rapidly. - The most effective solutions usually involve a partnership that combinesrepparttar 109426 technical expertise of a commercial organisation withrepparttar 109427 educational resources of a larger institution or institutions. - Perhapsrepparttar 109428 area of greatest activity is providers offering delivery platforms for partner institutions' content. This meetsrepparttar 109429 need of smaller institutions/companies wanting to offer training online, but not havingrepparttar 109430 infrastructure or resources to develop online LMSs.

*Jackson State University (JSU) announced plans to spend US$20 million to create a major technology research and incubation center in Mississippi, a move made possible by a $17 million donation torepparttar 109431 university by Allstate Insurance Company.

*The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) announced a partnership with British and Australian institutions to develop a for-profit online film program that will be offered globally.

*CYBeR-CARE Inc. (a telehealth technology company) and Wichita State University's College of Health Professions have announced an alliance to testrepparttar 109432 effectiveness of initiating and monitoring physical therapy and other rehabilitation services for patients in home settings usingrepparttar 109433 Electronic HouseCall(TM) System.

Phil has been involved in a number of projects in the field of flexible delivery, both research based and product-based. In addition he has developed a number of industry based flexible delivery packages and open learning packages in the Polytechnic sector. He also works as a staff development consultant.

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