The Meaning of Life - Not just another dust in the wind theory.

Written by John Dyer

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That is when something inside me clicked. It was more like an explosion or an awakening of sorts. The meaning of life was so simple that I had looked right past it thinking that it would be some big discovery of some sort. Some words of wisdom that would make me look like a genius. Instead three words kept going through my brain. Thundering as if God himself was speaking them directly into my thoughts.

We spend our entire lives fromrepparttar moment we take our first breath til our last one is used up trying to be something we aren't. Whether we are trying to get a job by seeming more experienced or trying to win someones heart by becomingrepparttar 146372 person they are looking for. We act differently in different situations. Why?

It is in our nature I suppose or at leastrepparttar 146373 nature ofrepparttar 146374 flesh. But God's nature is to berepparttar 146375 same yesterday, today and tomorrow. And since we are to strive to be more "God-like", which I used to think meant to try to be perfect, thenrepparttar 146376 meaning of life is nothing more than to "JUST BE YOU!"

Yep, it is just that simple. Be you no matter what happens or where you are or who you are with or what you are trying to achieve. If you can do this you will be something thatrepparttar 146377 majority of people will never be. Good, bad or indifferent you will Just Be You.

John Dyer is the owner of: T.H.I.S stands for Truth Honesty Integrity Sincerity Something the author has found too little of online.

How To Plan Your Move With Full Service Movers

Written by Ispas Marin

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Two Weeks Before Your Move

- Do you have loaned items? Now it's time to start collecting them. - The gas and other utilities should be disconnected so makerepparttar arrangements. - The major appliances should preppared forrepparttar 146328 move. - If you have delivery subscriptions you should cancel them or have them transferred torepparttar 146329 new address.

One Week Before Your Move

- Throw away allrepparttar 146330 flammables. - Make a list of what you'll be carring in your car or plane. - Removerepparttar 146331 installed items that you'll need in your new home. - You'll need clothes and toiletriesrepparttar 146332 first day in your nwe home so pack suitcase containing them. - Mark a box "Do Not Move" and pack in itrepparttar 146333 essentials forrepparttar 146334 first days.

There are a few last things that you'll need to do onrepparttar 146335 last day before your move. You should make sure that your refrigerator has at least 24 hours to air dry so empty, defrost and clean it first, then leave it to air dry. Take down your curtains and curtain rods. If you have children or pets makerepparttar 146336 arrangements for somebody to watch them.

That's it, if you do at least that much planning everything should be easy, time to get organized in your new home. a great directory for moving quotes, full service moving companies, full service movers, local movers, long distance movers in states like New York, California, Florida, Texas, Illinois and many more ...

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