The Manifestation Delay

Written by Stephanie Yeh

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While traditional wisdom says that we should “be responsible” and take steps to change our reality, ancient esoteric wisdom says that putting our attention only on what we want (not on what already is) is our true responsibility. It’s much more responsible to take control of your thoughts and feelings inrepparttar moment than it is to try to change what has already manifested.

If you truly want to learn to manifest in a consistent fashion, from today forth, when you look atrepparttar 122365 messes and disasters in your life, don’t try to change it all. Instead, ask yourself what you want, and then focus all of your attention there. This will produce a better tomorrow, which, in turn, will produce a better next day. Always, always ask yourself, “What do I want?” Putting your attention on what you want, rather than focusing onrepparttar 122366 disasters that you don’t want, will create a better reality than you could ever imagine. Good luck!

Stephanie Yeh, co-founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic (, helps clients use magical and shamanic techniques to manifest their desires. Stephanie has created several online and video classes to make this information more accessible. She also helps others learn to create abundant health and wealth with spiritual and practical resources through her site, Prosperity Abounds (

40 Days and 40 Nights in the Wilderness with Venus

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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Here are some examples of things that have happened to real clients of mine during Venus retrograde transits inrepparttar past.

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122364 1st house: •widow moves out of 5,000 sq ft home to downsized residence and begins to realize that house and relationship were prisons and that she is well rid of both; •elderly woman resolves long standing issue with IRS who removes lien on her house and frees up her CD.

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122365 2nd house: •husband gets self and wife new cell phone numbers after five years withrepparttar 122366 old ones (?)

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122367 3rd house: •walls close in on man as he realizes he might lose his wife, mistress and home, all inrepparttar 122368 same month!

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122369 4th house: •Consultant breaks up with woman 15 years older, moves to another city to start over with a woman 15 years younger; •heiress’ brother announces divorce, completely upsetting family power structure; •married boyfriend goes back to his wife with no explanation; •woman vacillates between declaring BK, selling house and selling heirloom family jewelry

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122370 5th house: •middle aged woman comes to terms with death of mother and estrangement from brother, releasing her own intense creativity

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122371 6th house: •obsessive love for a younger man triggers long repressed memories of tragic first love in manicurist; •boyfriend who is inrepparttar 122372 Diplomatic Corps leaves for South America for a year, triggering deep depression and abandonment issues in young girlfriend

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122373 7th house: •PhD candidate stops studies when his girlfriend is almost killed by a hit-and-run driver and hover for weeks between life and death

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122374 8th house: •husband of college professor suddenly offered opportunity for work as interpreter with a government “provider” believed to be involved in undercover work in a foreign country if he will leave with two days’ notice and without knowledge of exactly where he is going

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122375 9th house: •young housewife with 2 year old baby joins metaphysics class and finds terrific outlet for her social nature and brilliant mind

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122376 10th house: •young man has Tarot card reading, discovers reasons behind many ofrepparttar 122377 mysteries from his painful past

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122378 11th house •gifted intuitive artist attends Jonathan Edwards demonstration and has experience afterwards that convinces her she is going completely mad

Retrograde Venus throughrepparttar 122379 12th house: •elderly woman seriously considers selling her home (which is free and clear) to get really free and clear!

As you can see, many of these events have to do withrepparttar 122380 areas of life which are ruled by Venus, possessions and desires.

Another mystical thing about Venus Retrograde is thatrepparttar 122381 cycle lasts for 40 days. It is as if we all wander inrepparttar 122382 wilderness with our Christlike selves, and return with greater conviction about who we are and greater dedication to our selves and our purpose, some throughrepparttar 122383 act of denying temptation.

During this cycle,repparttar 122384 creative andrepparttar 122385 destructive are so closely interacting with one another it may be hard to tellrepparttar 122386 difference as ridiculous as this sounds. Feedback from trusted friends or a professional astrologer can help if you think you might be throwingrepparttar 122387 baby out withrepparttar 122388 bathwater.

During a retrograde cycle, you may have no idea which end is up. But byrepparttar 122389 end ofrepparttar 122390 cycle, a New Order is revealed, and order forms out of chaos. Venus retrogrades are intensely introspective and even anti-social transits that bring forth great bursts of personal creativity when complete. This isrepparttar 122391 kind of creativity which produces an art,repparttar 122392 palette of which is life itself.

Nancy R. Fenn is a professional astrologer in the San Diego area.

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