The Man You Are

Written by Bayo Ogunsanya

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This to my mind is unconnected torepparttar environment and setting to whichrepparttar 105229 author came from.Imaging a comfortable author in an organised society,a society in which every provision is made availablerepparttar 105230 government writing about poverty eradication in Africa or becoming a millionire within one year in Nigeria economy.

Bayo is an accountant by profession and a banker by calling.He is an HND holder with ICAN PE1.He is married with two lovely daughters,Sandra&Winnie.

A peep into Senzeís Mini-Encyclopedia

Written by Adwin Ang

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Sample Model Extracted from Mini-e: Internet Business Model No.16

In this model, you will have product to call your own but you don/t have to create and yet can provide you with both up-front and residual income for a long time.

An example of this model isrepparttar Mini-Encyclopedia which you are going to purchase. Some ofrepparttar 105226 links within will lead to highly-recommended products of which you are an associate or affiliate.

You'll be earning directly up-front income throughrepparttar 105227 sale ofrepparttar 105228 e-book, plus all income directly from any sale that resulted from your associate/affiliate links!

All Profits goes to you. Isnít it Great!

What you need to get started 1. A High-Quality e-manual/e-book/e-report 2. Resell Rights 3. Customization 4. Domain Name 5. Hosting 6. Marketing Materials 7. Follow-up autoresponders 8. Real-time credit card processing system 9. Associate/Affilate Programs 10. Mailing list

Building your credibility ------------------------ 1. Professional Website 2. Well-written Killer Sales Letter & Follow-up autoresponder messages 3. Killer Product Cover

Making Your Money ----------------- 1. Up-Front (you earn 100% ofrepparttar 105229 Selling Price) 2. Back-End ( Recurring, Residual income inrepparttar 105230 form of Recurring Commissions,2-tier affiliated programs which give you overriding commissions on sales of associates sign up under you)

Well,repparttar 105231 above is just an extraction formrepparttar 105232 mini-encyclopedia. The detailed would be much explained in page 187, Model 16.

There are many other models highlighted in this ebook which you could choose from.

This book is packed with action YOU must TAKE to ensure your SUCCESS in Internet Business world.

I can guarantee you I am experiencingrepparttar 105233 power of Internet Business and potential passive income I would receive.

Thank you and hope you would enjoy your freedom of work and play brought about byrepparttar 105234 Internet world.

Best Regards

Adwin Ang Get Master Resell Rights To A HOT Product Now Right Here:

Internet Business Associate to SOLOBIS Author of 'If I were Senze'

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