The Making of a Mini-Model

Written by Anita Chaperon

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Baby beauty contests abound online - and get tiny little footsies inrepparttar modeling door. The Southern Cuties Photo Contest, for instance, is open to children infant through five. Two categories are judged - tikes under age two, and then ages two-five. Thoughrepparttar 147218 prizes aren't massive amounts of money they all include free entry into yet another photo contest, your child's adorable little face onrepparttar 147219 Internet for any model scout to see and just love, and an assortment of gifts provided byrepparttar 147220 vendor sponsors, all baby-related retailers or services. All of who just may need a model for their catalog, their site or their advertising campaign.

Don't think that baby modeling is just for your little miss either. Boys are just as much in demand as models for children's clothing, toys and other goods.

The Royal King mail-in contest is open to male infants as well as male adults. Statewide contests are held monthly, culminating inrepparttar 147221 national contest each September. Baby boys can enterrepparttar 147222 Baby King contest for ages zero to 12 months,repparttar 147223 Tiny King one-three years, Little King four-seven years, and Junior King eight - 12 years. Winners receive sashes, banners, certificates and trophies. Again,repparttar 147224 most important winning is your little ones photo displayed online inrepparttar 147225 Royal Photo Album.

The key, in short, to fostering your child's baby modeling fling is to get her or his adorable little face in front ofrepparttar 147226 folks who needrepparttar 147227 models. Photo contests are your best means of doing just that.

Anita Chaperon is the editor of Baby Modeling Secrets - a free website resource about getting your infant into baby modeling. From finding the right baby modeling agencies, to tips on acing baby photo contests.

Showered with Mom-to-Be Merriment

Written by Anita Chaperon

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While you can, of course, get onrepparttar phone and simply call everyone, or even e-mailrepparttar 147217 invitations, it's probably best to mail out formal invitations. An attractive invitation may become a keepsake for those close torepparttar 147218 expectant mother.

While there are certainly a myriad number of local places to purchase pre-packaged greeting cards, such as Hallmark stores, Kmart, Wal-Mart andrepparttar 147219 like, it may be difficult to find cards consistent with any theme you've chosen forrepparttar 147220 baby shower.

If you or your helper is creative, however, you could write and designrepparttar 147221 invitations yourself. Plenty of low cost greeting card software is available. Greeting Card Factory, at $29.95, for example, provides 5000 ready-made cards, 25,000 graphics to create your own customized card, 3400 already-prepared sentimental messages and more than 300 fonts. You can search online for greeting card software or make a quick trip to Office Max, Staples or similar suppliers and browse their many options.

Your invitations should includerepparttar 147222 following:

[+] Whorepparttar 147223 party is for (and don't forget to name dad too). [+] Your name as host, and your phone number for directions. [+] Your address. [+] The day, date and time ofrepparttar 147224 baby shower. [+] The theme ofrepparttar 147225 party. [+] RSVP card with self-addressed stamped envelope. [+] Do give guidance on dress - just a simple, "formal attire," "casual attire," "pool party," or "costumes welcome." [+] You might even make gift suggestions. If, however, you have a theme, you could just suggest that theme-related gifts would be fun and let your guests use their imagination.

Don't forget to mail those invitations out early - at least six weeks ahead of time isrepparttar 147226 rule of thumb.

Anita Chaperon is the editor of My Free Baby Shower Games - a free website resource dedicated to providing information on tons of free baby shower party games, decorations, invitation, baby shower themes and much more.

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