The Making of a Billiards Champion (Series II of V)

Written by Jackie "The Angel" Broadhurst

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Stance The objective of your stance is to be stable and solid, while executing your shot. Many times, when nervous about a shot or result, players tend to jump up duringrepparttar critical point of contact. And as a result,repparttar 138685 stick moves unintentionally, andrepparttar 138686 shot is missed. One of my instructors, Robert McCullough Colliding SpheresTM, says, “you can either treatrepparttar 138687 symptom or treatrepparttar 138688 source.” For quick results, for someone that just plays occasionally for fun, practice staying still until allrepparttar 138689 balls stop rolling onrepparttar 138690 table. Forrepparttar 138691 more serious player, treatrepparttar 138692 problem atrepparttar 138693 source for lasting results. McCullough, in agreement with Allison Fisher, teach that your stance should be forward weighted to help prevent your head from popping up.

Inrepparttar 138694 next article I will talk about a stun shot. This isrepparttar 138695 most basic of shots and should be mastered before learning other shots.

(Jackie “The Angel” Broadhurst, 2003 BCA 8-Ball and Trick Shot Champion, is currently training to winrepparttar 138696 US Open Championship. This would be a historic event since a woman has never won this title. She invites everyone, no matter what gender, ethnicity, age or background you are, to play and learn together about this great game. Visit her website at

2003 National 8-Ball and Trick Shot Champion Fantasy Football: Silver and Black Makeover

Written by Jason Clarke

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Both receivers will allowrepparttar Raiders offense to stretchrepparttar 138644 field and create other opportunities for members ofrepparttar 138645 offense. Safeties will not be able to cheat up torepparttar 138646 line of scrimmage for run support because of fear ofrepparttar 138647 deep ball that Collins can deliver to Porter or Moss. This should also open uprepparttar 138648 middle ofrepparttar 138649 field and allowrepparttar 138650 tight ends to make plays when matched up on slower linebackers.

The Raiders other big acquisition was running back Lamont Jordan. The Raiders signed Jordan to a 5-year contract to berepparttar 138651 feature back in their offense. Jordan was a very productive back when he was given opportunities withrepparttar 138652 Jets. He wasrepparttar 138653 primary backup to Curtis Martin andrepparttar 138654 Jets ground game seemed to never miss a beat when Jordan was totingrepparttar 138655 rock. He rushed for a total of 479 yards with a gaudy 5.2 yards per carry average. The only question about Jordan is if he can produce at that level for an entire season when he is getting 25-30 carries a game. He will certainly get an opportunity to do that as a Raider where his main competition for carries will be either Amos Zereoue or Justin Fargas. Neither seems likely to put up much of a fight.

Jordan and many of his teammates should be a hot commodity come time for your fantasy draft. The Raiders offense figures to be explosive and their defense still figures to be a sieve. This is a great recipe for fantasy production! I just can’t wait for that first Raider vs. Chiefs game. I’m thinking torepparttar 138656 over/under on that game to be somewhere near 100!

So,repparttar 138657 money has been spent andrepparttar 138658 improvements have been made. Only time will tell ifrepparttar 138659 improvements will satisfyrepparttar 138660 owner. One thing is for sure, inrepparttar 138661 eyes of fantasy football ownersrepparttar 138662 Raiders seem to have completed an extreme offensive makeover.

Jason is the editor and webmaster for, a respected fantasy football analysis website.

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