The Making Money Obsession - Discover The Real Truth

Written by Hamad Kadmany

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So I remembered that it wasn’t simply just “making money”, those invaluable causes were driving me to become wealthy, this is why I started investing and educating myself, I bought so many books, whether about wealth or how to get rich books, stock market, real estate, and self help books. That’s why I bought so many tapes and home courses. That’s why I started looking for a real online business opportunity, which was my first step towards financial freedom. That’s why I am a member in an association of home business entrepreneurs.

Of course, these all cost (small) money. So what?! People are spending lots of money on their cable TV, on their trips, and you name it... Well, I rather spend it on my dreams, and my best investment is in educating myself. Those books that I bought have opened my eyes, showed me that there's another way, an easier way, and I received invaluable insights that turned my life around.

So people say money is notrepparttar most important thing in their lives,repparttar 139258 irony is, they are willing to work hard most of their lives for... MONEY! Where YOU and I (if you are reading so far then I know you share my feelings!) are not willing to work so hard for it. We want to make enough money, so we would NOT have to work for money all of our lives.

Keep those greater causes in your mind. Those genuine causes will drive you towards your sincere goals in front of those objections. And yes, it is OK to have a dream; life is not worth living without one.

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Put Wings On Your Dreams

Written by Ginny Dye

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The Dream Takes Wing Only months afterrepparttar vicious attack, Bethany astonished thousands by achievingrepparttar 139207 unimaginable -- taking 5th atrepparttar 139208 2004 National Scholastic Surfing Association Nationals Championships. In September she struck again, winningrepparttar 139209 Open Women's Division ofrepparttar 139210 NSSA's Hawaiian conference season opener. Having placed inrepparttar 139211 finals ofrepparttar 139212 National Surfing Championships Bethany has secured a spot on USA's National Surfing Team.

Five Ways To Put Wings On Your Dreams Bethany’s story shows how to put wings on your dreams: 1) Your dream must become your passion – a tangible vision. 2) Everything you do needs to fuel your vision. 3) When your dream is attacked, facerepparttar 139213 adversity squarely and choose to overcome it with whatever it takes – face your fears and do it anyway! 4) Make necessary adjustments – regain your balance -- and keep your eyes on your goal. 5) Accept help when it comes – with grace and gratitude – let it fuel your vision.

From Dream to Vision to Reality Bethany’s vision overcomes her fear of sharks and her continued nightmares. Her story teaches how to create dreams with wings that push you toward your life-goals. Follow her example and your dreams will become reality, too.

Ginny Dye is CEO/Founder of Daily Secrets For Success -- her greatest passion is helping others reach their dreams. You can experience this passion at Shop For Charity Day, Inc.( ) or Together We Can Change the World ( you can receive complimentary E-cards, Movies, Prints, and her Daily Secrets For Success.

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