The Magic of the Night Sky

Written by Mike Moore

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When sleep begins to engulf me and my eyes start to close, I reluctantly move toward my camper not wanting to miss a moment of this celestial display but realizing that I can’’t resistrepparttar call to slumber any longer. Inrepparttar 123981 warmth of my sleeping bag I letrepparttar 123982 silence and stillness lull me to sleep withrepparttar 123983 immortal words of Sophocles gently echoing acrossrepparttar 123984 centuries, ““ Mortal I know I am, short lived. Yet whenever I stand beneath a multitude of swirling stars I no longer tread this earth, but rise to feast with God and enjoyrepparttar 123985 food ofrepparttar 123986 immortals.”” And so to sleep.

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Get Out, Get Noticed, Get A LIfe

Written by David Stoddard

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Then, here isrepparttar advertising part, we need to get out there and make ourselves known. Be it through a letter or a phone call or a trip to visit, we have to makerepparttar 123980 first real contact. We need to know what we have to offer and what is in it for us. And we don’t have to stay in any one thing forever. We can get out and try different things.

Even us shy introverted folks can userepparttar 123981 Internet to get in touch with others who have similar interests. Can join local message groups and get to know people. Just don’t make sitting atrepparttar 123982 computer “chatting” with people your whole life unless it is really leading you to something you want to do inrepparttar 123983 “real” world.

The idea is to get out there, so you can get noticed so you can get a (better) life. The hardest part isrepparttar 123984 first step. Actually, its thinking of allrepparttar 123985 possibilities and having to narrow them down. Then comesrepparttar 123986 actual decision of what to do first.

Just get out there, do something for yourself for a change. Once you’re on your way towards something you enjoy, so many things will begin to open up. People will come into your life whom you would have never met otherwise. You’ll get to see new places in which you may have wanted to go to for years, but never tookrepparttar 123987 time. There will be different activities to be involved with which may have only been a wish to do.

Takerepparttar 123988 chance. Makerepparttar 123989 time. Get out there. Get noticed. And get a life you enjoy.

© 2002 David Stoddard

David Stoddard is a freelance writer and emerging motivational speaker in St. Louis. His first booklet, “In Search Of Ourselves,” as well as subscription to his weekly newsletter is available on his web site.

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