The Magic of Flowers

Written by Karen Escaland

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The variety and type of rose will determine its life span, but most will typically live between four and seven days after cutting. Due to their delicate nature, stems should be placed inrepparttar vase very gingerly. In order to reduce repparttar 113388 build-up of bacteria, any foliage that is apparent immediately aboverepparttar 113389 water line should be removed. For maximum life expectancy, stems should be re-cut every two to three days.

Lilies may also be referred to by variety, such as inrepparttar 113390 case ofrepparttar 113391 Asiatic Lily or Oriental Lily. These flower types can be recognized by their trumpet-shaped petals and can reach six inches in diameter. The height of their stems can reach up to three feet and may sport four to eight blossoms. Their color varieties include white, yellow, pink, red and orange.

Due to their poisonous nature – specifically concerning repparttar 113392 members ofrepparttar 113393 feline family -repparttar 113394 National Animal Poison Control Center recommends keeping all forms of lilies out ofrepparttar 113395 reach of your household pets.

Tulips – known by no specific variety names – grow as single blossoms, containing six petals each. Variations include those ofrepparttar 113396 lily-flowering, double flowering, fringe-petaled and ruffled parrot genres. The color array includes white, yellow, pink, peach, orange, red, lavender and purple, as well as a bi-color variety.

The orchid, also known as cymbidium, dendrobium, oncidium, cattleya and phalaenopsis, are available in a variety of shapes and sizes –repparttar 113397 largest of these being cymbidiums. Including all varieties, there are currently over 17,000 species which spanrepparttar 113398 globe.

Personal preference will dictate which flower, color and/or arrangement is most suitable for that special someone in your life, as well as which room ofrepparttar 113399 house in which to displayrepparttar 113400 arrangement.

The Growing Popularity of Wildflowers

While these were once seen as mere weeds,repparttar 113401 misunderstood wildflower has recently gained popularity, as a result ofrepparttar 113402 botanical education that’s been offered by a variety of gardening experts. Wildflowers serve a purpose beyond that of simple beauty, as evidenced byrepparttar 113403 fact that small country gardens containing these types of flowers are known to attract birds and caterpillars. Growing such a garden is beneficial, both torepparttar 113404 senses and torepparttar 113405 area wildlife.

Amongrepparttar 113406 more popular wild flowers are honeysuckle, foxglove, red campion, lesser celandine, herb Robert and forget-me-not. Certain areas ofrepparttar 113407 world have developed such an appreciation for wildflowers thatrepparttar 113408 uprooting of them is illegal. Many people agree with this, since they tend to think of it in terms of preventingrepparttar 113409 removal of repparttar 113410 landscape’s natural beauty.

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Flowers Say "I Love You"

Written by Marguerite Bonneville

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Men as well as women respond torepparttar gift of flowers. The type of flower arrangement you choose should have more to do with a person's personality than their gender. Try native or exotic flowers if you want to steer clear ofrepparttar 113387 'pretty' varieties. Most florists offer stark, stylish arrangements that are suitable for both sexes.

And feel free to get creative with your choices. You can work with your local florist to create something original and spectacular.

Marguerite Bonneville is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) whose passion is publishing information online. She is a contributing writer to the Rosaflora web site at - one of Australia’s premier sources of glasshouse roses and Australia-wide florist services.

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