The Magic of Color

Written by Cass Hope

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Cool Colors: The right hand side ofrepparttar color wheel is made up of such colors as greens and blues. These colors will create a cool calm mood. They will also make a room look smaller so avoid using too much in smaller rooms Warm Colors: The left-hand side is made up of reds, oranges and yellows. These colors will create a warm, cozy and bright mood. The closerrepparttar 141562 color you chose is to a primary colorrepparttar 141563 brighter it will be so mixrepparttar 141564 bright with some softer shades.

There are other factors to take into consideration when choosing colors:

Pastel Colors: Pure colors that are muted by a white color. Subtle Colors: Pure colors darkened by mixing gray or black Neutrals: Colors that do not contrast and can mix well with most colors. Examples are white, creams, beige and browns. They are often considered earth colors. Tones: The tone describesrepparttar 141565 lightness or darkness ofrepparttar 141566 color. It is best to use a variety of tones in a room rather than just light and dark.

Colors can make allrepparttar 141567 difference inrepparttar 141568 look andrepparttar 141569 feel of a room. You donít always need to renovate, maybe you just need to color, so experiment and have fun.

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3 Great Reasons to Shop for Home Lighting Online

Written by Nicole Martins

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If You know What Youíre Looking for, Youíll Save Time

Granted, when you go to a quality lighting showroomrepparttar store will be aglow with chandeliers and light fixtures. What happens when you are looking for a particular brand or fixture and they simply donít have it in stock? Withrepparttar 141312 internet, knowing a particular fixture model or brand, means that you can search specifically for your product. This can also save yourepparttar 141313 time andrepparttar 141314 hassle of going torepparttar 141315 store and then having to wait whilerepparttar 141316 store to orders your particular fixture.

As Well as Interior Lighting, Find Top Brands for Landscape Lighting and Save

The most popular time to shop for exterior lighting is during spring and summer. With beautiful weather and people spending more time outdoors entertaining, this isrepparttar 141317 time to light up decks, patios, and landscapes to create ambiance, and safety. Inrepparttar 141318 front ofrepparttar 141319 home, with entry areas and walkways, exterior lamps and lighting are essential for safety and home security year round. Top exterior lighting manufactures of 12 volt, low voltage lighting includes: Focus and Arroyo Craftsman. Yet there are several other top lighting manufacturers that focus onrepparttar 141320 exterior niche as well. Take a look at Kichler, Progress, Hinkley and Sea Gull. If you are looking for name brand quality, one ofrepparttar 141321 best approaches is to comparison shop online. Then, find a reputable online lighting retailer that offers a low price guarantee (readrepparttar 141322 policy carefully). This way, you can getrepparttar 141323 best price available for that brand.

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