The Magic & The Mystery of Success

Written by Ransy Reynis

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1. This is a business of duplication 2. Your profit comes fromrepparttar product volume ofrepparttar 122526 team you build. 3. Knowledge is power.

You need to become productive and then teach others to dorepparttar 122527 same. Understand that to be successful you must duplicate yourself, let’s look at what you do in this business and how you duplicate what you do.

There are 6 Steps inrepparttar 122528 Cycle of Duplication. 1. GOALS - Set your goals. 2. LIST - Create a contact list. 3. INVITE - Invite your contacts to receive information. 4. PRESENT - Presentrepparttar 122529 information 5. ENROLL - Enroll your interested contacts into your business. 6. DUPLICATE – Repeatrepparttar 122530 cycle and teach others

By repeating this cycle of duplication you will eventually attainrepparttar 122531 results you want, it’s that simple. Sure, there are a lot details and each Step requires time to learn and master, but these 6 steps representrepparttar 122532 whole business.

Your list of prospect isrepparttar 122533 lifeblood of your business. To succeed atrepparttar 122534 highest level in this business you need to find others to join your team. Your list represents your potential team. Once you have developed your list, you need to invite your prospect to learn about your business. The art ofrepparttar 122535 invitation is something that you will master over time. Remember you don’t know who will be interested in your business or your products unless you ask them. It is important for you to remember that you are not going to sell them or convince them into your business, you are going to expose them to it and let them makerepparttar 122536 decision whether or not to join you. Think of this business as a gift, you give it to those you want to give it to and it’s up to them to accept it.

Easy Success System . . . You are probably thinking, “This is great… but will it work for me?” The answer is “yes”… especially when you find a system that works even if you have failed at other things inrepparttar 122537 past.

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Is Duplication a Myth?

Written by Priya Shah

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2. Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Your personality is a combination of your own life experiences, education and outlook on life. These are things that can never be duplicated from person to person.

Instead of being ashamed of your past lifestyle or failures, share them with your prospects and customers. Get personal and let them know where you're coming from.

Frank Garon, who makes over $130,000 a year, revels in being known as a 'former New Jersey truck driver.' Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter's revelations on his attempts to lose weight get more reader responses than any other section of his newsletter.

Sharing that bit of their personality helped them create empathy, an image of them inrepparttar minds of others, and made thousands of people trust them enough to join their business.

3. Be Yourself

Because marketing is all about building relationships, you should let your personality come through in your communications, so you can build trust and network with like-minded people.

If you force yourself to become a clone of someone else, no matter how successful they are, you will always sound insincere and that will put people off.

People are more likely to do business with someone they know and trust. Or with someone who forges an emotional bond with them.

Be sincere, let them know something about you that they can empathize with and you're on your way to building a relationship.

So throw away those scripts. Or readrepparttar 122525 best ones and make them your own. Rewrite them to complementrepparttar 122526 way you would normally speak or interact with people.

You can always try to duplicate a system, a script, or even success. Butrepparttar 122527 only thing that can ever really be duplicated is "Uniqueness."

Priya Shah is the Editor of "Be a Whiz at eBiz!" a free-wheeling newsletter on internet marketing and home business She also publishes "The Glutathione Report," a newsletter featuring regular updates on the health benefits of glutathione.

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