The MOST Expensive Mistake You Can Make

Written by Jeanna Pool

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Is this how you look? Is this what you do? Is this what you have done? If you have, you have made a HUGE mistake. You must stand out fromrepparttar crowd. You must be different. You must look different. You must showrepparttar 150378 world that you care enough to invest in professionally designed marketing materials.

If you don't stand out, if you don't look professional, if you look cheap, amateurish and thrown together, a few things will happen. Prospects will pass on your products or services and go to your competitors. You will not earnrepparttar 150379 price you are worth. You will not be trusted asrepparttar 150380 very best in your field. Prospects will view and judge you as someone you are not. You will have a very hard time building your reputation. Most importantly, you will lose money. Period.

The only way to stand out inrepparttar 150381 highly competitive marketplace and correct this mistake is by having a professional, reputable design firm create and produce all of your marketing materials. Having these materials professionally created is an investment, NOT an expense. Professionally designed materials will brand you asrepparttar 150382 expert you are, attract clients to your business and position your business over your competition.

Don't makerepparttar 150383 same mistake so many other small business owners make. Hire a professional design firm. Do it rightrepparttar 150384 first time. By having a professional image you will be light years ahead of your competition. You will stand out from your competition and projectrepparttar 150385 image of your expertise. This worthwhile investment will net a valuable return overrepparttar 150386 life of your small business.

Jeanna Pool is President of CATALYST creative, inc., an award-winning graphic design, web design and marketing firm located in Denver, Colorado. She helps small business owners who are really good at what they do, but struggle to market their services effectively to attract more clients on a consistent basis. She can be contacted at or call 303.380.9100.

Marketing Tips for Internet Gurus

Written by Diane M. Hess

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2) Update Your Marketing Plan Statement Doing this will help you strengthen your focus. Your mission statement should include: 1) your vision; 2) how you will accomplish your vision/goal; 3) and it should also reflect your values. For example, if you don't like some ofrepparttar distasteful websites out there and you are designing attractive websites, a mission statement could read like this: "To help makerepparttar 150358 Internet beautiful, I plan to create two attractive websites per week, instead of my usual one. I have updated my software and abilities to create attractive Websites and will launch my new plan onrepparttar 150359 15 day of this month."

There are of course other elements that make up effective marketing plans. In coming months we will have more tips on marketing.

Diane Hess specializes in business consulting, business development, and business management services. Her goal is to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with resourceful tools to assist them in growing their business. Read more about the services her company provides at Sign up for a FREE monthly newsletter while you’re there.

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