The MIT Blackjack Team Story

Written by TJ Newman

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Their reign spanned a good part ofrepparttar 1990s when they traveledrepparttar 109990 casino circuit with total abandon. Their $400,000 winning weekend in Las Vegas is legendary. Casino technology was not yet at a stage where it could match wits with MIT genius. At least, it had not made its way to practical application in Las Vegas, Ironically, it would be low-tech sloppiness that broughtrepparttar 109991 team down inrepparttar 109992 end.

The casinos had learned to deal withrepparttar 109993 card counters long beforerepparttar 109994 MIT pikers hitrepparttar 109995 scene. When they identified a card counter, they would ensure that his play atrepparttar 109996 tables was a living nightmare, and shouldrepparttar 109997 card counter takerepparttar 109998 house for a large sum, they would immediately ban him. Technology inrepparttar 109999 1990s had matured to a point where bad news traveled fast. Whenrepparttar 110000 card counter was detected at one casino, it became nearly impossible to escape detection at any other casino.

Profiled MIT Blackjack Team

Las Vegas casino bosses relied on a long-established profile ofrepparttar 110001 Blackjack card counter, but sincerepparttar 110002 MIT team ran counter torepparttar 110003 profile, that also worked in their favor, helping them to escape detection. The profile assumed one lone card counter. The team's nonchalant, seemingly random style of play also ran counter torepparttar 110004 profile. But they were crazy like foxes—until they were no more.

Finally, sloppiness brought them to their knees. Eventually, they lost their discipline and their cool;repparttar 110005 well-oiled machine built withrepparttar 110006 precision of a Swiss watch began to fall apart. They began to fraternize, and not just withrepparttar 110007 usual Las Vegas temptations, but with each other—in public. A total chance spotting ofrepparttar 110008 teams relaxing and playing at a Las Vegas pool blew their cover. The tale of their unraveling wound its way back torepparttar 110009 back streets of Boston before they finally disbanded. The odds had finally turned against them, andrepparttar 110010 stakes were far too high for evenrepparttar 110011 geniuses from MIT.

The last remaining team player was escorted fromrepparttar 110012 table withrepparttar 110013 parting words, "You can't play here. You're too good for us."

Blackjack Team inrepparttar 110014 News

The tale ofrepparttar 110015 MIT Blackjack Team doesn't end with its demise. ABC, CNN, History Channel, and CBS's 60 Minutes all picked uprepparttar 110016 story. Bringing Downrepparttar 110017 House : The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions (Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, 2002), by Ben Mezrich, chroniclesrepparttar 110018 escapades ofrepparttar 110019 team from its inception torepparttar 110020 end ofrepparttar 110021 line throughrepparttar 110022 eyes of team member, Kevin Lewis (not his real name). One enterprising former member currently offers seminars based onrepparttar 110023 system.

The final irony has yet to play itself out. Kevin Spacey is producingrepparttar 110024 movie version ofrepparttar 110025 book, due to be released by MGM sometime in 2006. One has to wonder ifrepparttar 110026 movie will help MGM recover its losses torepparttar 110027 MIT Blackjack Team.

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'The Last of the American Hoboes' Movie Reviews-Commentary

Written by Gary Revel

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they would put a mark near a house that was friendly to hoboes torepparttar story of Hal Jon Norman-Actor and how he lost his leg while trying to jump on a moving train as a youth. A Juddy Phillips produced soundtrackrepparttar 109989 best cut being 'Like A Hobo Should' by Gary Revel also tracks by: The Chapparral Brothers, Wayne Storm, Brian Mark and sounds fromrepparttar 109990 street andrepparttar 109991 hobo jungle brought by Hobo Actor Journalist The Nobel 'Kid' Chissel, Mike DeTemple, and The Salvation Army Band. The movie is rare and collectible. I saw it at a screening many years ago and bought one ofrepparttar 109992 soundtrack albums at a garage sale. The soundtrack album cover-photography by Ken Berg folds out and is a unique collectible in it's own right. Insiderepparttar 109993 cover it says, "A Judy Russell Gary Revel Byron Spears Movement". The song credits show that Gary Revel wrote and or performed on about half ofrepparttar 109994 cuts onrepparttar 109995 album. I remember Titus Moody produced and directed. The movie premiered inrepparttar 109996 late 1970's atrepparttar 109997 Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa. An enjoyable entertaining film.

Gary Revel was born in 1949 and is married to Linda Revel. They live in the Los Angeles area and have 6 children and 8 grandchildren. Gary is currently working on bringing his story of his investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. to the movie screen.

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