The Lowly Vinyl Banner is happy to take your abuse

Written by Rick Hendershot, M.A.

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This opens up many possibilities for marketers, designers, trade show exhibitors, retailers, special speakers, and event planners. Vinyl banners have several distinct advantages over almost any other advertising medium.

First, they are FLEXIBLE, and very durable. That means you can carry your backdrop to an open house, trade show, or outdoor event. Just hang it over a table, or from readily available hanging hardware. Or if it is an outdoor event like a golf or slo-pitch tournament, attach it torepparttar side of a building or an outfield fence. Whenrepparttar 124442 event is over, just take it down, roll it up, and you're ready forrepparttar 124443 next event.

Second, they are CHEAP. If you findrepparttar 124444 right supplier ( you can produce a banner for much less than any other suitable alternative.

Third, they are BIG. An image can be stretched across several segments, and these can be stitched together. A banner does not have to be long an skinny. It can just as easily be big and square. There is virtually no limit torepparttar 124445 size you can produce a vinyl banner.

Finally, they are EASY. Anybody with a little bit of graphic design experience can design a banner. And even if you have NO experience,repparttar 124446 best online sources of vinyl banners ( provide you with instructions and design templates to makerepparttar 124447 process extremely simple.

The next time you want to make a big, bold statement for very little money, consider doing it with a vinyl banner.

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Rick Hendershot is marketing manager for The parent company, Canada Display Graphics, has facilities in Mississauga and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and ships trade show displays and custom vinyl banners across North America.

Bad News Into Benefit: Book Promotion Success

Written by M. LaVora Perry

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Since my bout withrepparttar librarian blues there have been other disappointments. But I will keep turning every circumstance into a benefit based on my deep prayer to berepparttar 124441 best writer I can and to thereby help people believe in and go for their deepest, biggest, wildest dreams. So here's been what's happening onrepparttar 124442 up side after I quit singing my sad song:

1.) I was invited to New York City to appear atrepparttar 124443 Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center in Corona Queens soon after it was awarded a SGI-USA Liberty Award for its efforts to foster multicultural awareness. The head librarian who invited me had no idea I was affiliated withrepparttar 124444 SGI-USA until after he asked me to visit. Straight out ofrepparttar 124445 "There Are No Coincidences in Life" bag.

2.) A school librarian in a different Cleveland suburb, raved about my book and my appearance at her school. She posted her comments on and

3.) Zambian schools (yes, Africa) will be carryingrepparttar 124446 book!

4.) Children in an online G.R.I.T.S kids' book club (“Girls & Guys Raised inrepparttar 124447 South”) voted to interview me and feature me and Taneesha’s Treasures… on their Web site. The club’s founder is a Texan librarian.

5.) Taneesha’s Treaures… was listed inrepparttar 124448 October newsletter ofrepparttar 124449 Black Caucus ofrepparttar 124450 American Library Association.

6.) Taneesha’s Treasures… was prominently displayed as a holiday stocking-stuffer inrepparttar 124451 nationally distributed November-December, 2003 issue of Black Issue Book Review.

7.) Taneesha’s Treasures… was featured inrepparttar 124452 Fall 2003 SGI Quarterly—an international Buddhist publication.

8.) Children’s groups in Zambia, Kenya, South Africa and Malaysia are readingrepparttar 124453 book.

9.) The Poet’s & Writers League of Greater Cleveland selected Taneesha’s Treasures…to be included as part of their Writers & Their Friends program in whichrepparttar 124454 story will transcribed into a play and performed onstage atrepparttar 124455 Cleveland Playhouse in a highly publicized event—only 25 written works are chosen to be featured in this way.

10.) I've been nominated for inclusion in Who's Who in America, 2005. Recently, I went back torepparttar 124456 suburban library to find out if, in light of my recent successes,repparttar 124457 librarian had changed her mind. Turns out she hadn’t, but that was okay, because I had totally transformed mine. I could tell this was so, because when an assistant librarian said, "The person who has your book is out today; so give me your address and we'll mail it back to you," my heart beat stayed steady and stomach was knot-free. I wrote my address on a slip of paper. Then, instead of needed to fightrepparttar 124458 urge to slink out ofrepparttar 124459 nearest exit in disgrace, I casually checked out a couple of books for my kids before leaving with my held and sprits high.

Later, when I received my book inrepparttar 124460 mail fromrepparttar 124461 librarian I did not take it as tangible proof of some personal or literary defect. Instead I understood that Taneesha’s Treasures ofrepparttar 124462 Heart was notrepparttar 124463 book for that library at that time. And I was grateful to haverepparttar 124464 book back, becauserepparttar 124465 Louis Stokes branch—the main branch—ofrepparttar 124466 Cleveland Public Library had me down as a featured author for a Kwaanza event and my sales had been so great I was running low on inventory and more books were being printed. I needed my book returned to me so that it could get it intorepparttar 124467 hands of someone who would appreciate it. And withrepparttar 124468 gift of hindsight I saw that I had also neededrepparttar 124469 librarian’s initial rejection of my work—it wasrepparttar 124470 push that set me on my journey to a higher state of mind.

In 1995 M. LaVora Perry became the first African-American staff card writer in the world’s largest publicly-owned greeting card company—American Greetings. As such, her words have appeared on gift items on three continents. Taneesha’s Treasures o the Heart is her first book. She lives in Ohio with her husband and three children. Visit M. LaVora Perry online at

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