The Lost Treasure Returns

Written by Mike Moore

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When I reflect on what happened to my painting I am struck by how precious gifts, when lost, have a way of finding their way back torepparttar people who treasure themrepparttar 124005 most. To any otherrepparttar 124006 painting was just that, a painting. To me it spoke of a creative, intelligent, generous woman who gave her talent to me in appreciation for our paths crossing and connecting. Because of this obvious connection it found its way home to me. I have discovered this to be true of people as well. When you really love another, and you appear to lose them, they tend to find their way back to your love even if it takes years to do so. So we live in hope

I havenít heard from Audrey in many years, but I know that, before our lives are over, she will come back into my life in some way. We will meet again.

Mike Moore is a speaker and writer on human potential, motivation and humour. You are invited to subscribe to his free newsletter Lifeline at

Mike Moore is an international speaker and writer on human achievement, motivation and humor therapy.


Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

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And win they did. They wonrepparttar final three games ofrepparttar 124004 league championship and advanced torepparttar 124005 division championship. They eventually made it torepparttar 124006 World Series because they saw themselves as winners.

Hereís a million dollar question for you - how do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a winner, especially in your online business?

A winner:

1) Hangs in until success breaks through.

2) Remembers past victories and knows victory will come again.

3) Looks at rough circumstances as opportunities for growth.

4) Thinks success, speaks success, acts success.

5) Helps others succeed.

If you want to make it torepparttar 124007 next level in business, then you will need to see yourself as a winner!

Sharon Dalton Williams is a Christian freelance writer whose goal is to change the world one word at a time. Subscribe to her weekly column, *From Sharonís Pen,* at

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