The Little Things Increase Your Network Of Influence BIG Time!

Written by Josh Hinds

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So just right there you have a win, win situation. Here's where it gets interesting though. Bob has greatly strengthened his relationship with both me and Steve just from that one little e-mail. Here's another interesting way of looking at this. The next time I have a lead or believe someone would be a good match for Bob, you can bet I'm not going to think twice about dropping him a message about it.

The incredible thing is that he's cultivating powerful relationships, both business and personal with people just like me allrepparttar time. This is a lesson we can all take to heart. And it's not something that is going to an inordinate amount of effort on our part to put into action. It will however take constantly being onrepparttar 123892 lookout for ways to add new value to your relationships.

Inrepparttar 123893 process you'll strengthen your personal network of people, which in turn creates vast opportunities.

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Potential: Got Any?

Written by Susan James

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Ancient Wisdom, not really so Ancient these days. One ofrepparttar appreciations that we more so on a conscious spiritual path are re-discovering is that our Imagination is a lot more than we have been conditioned to think it is.

Our Imagination is our pathway in communication to Higher Intelligence, Higher Realms. It's how we receive messages, its how we send messages.

This was a normal understanding in Ancient Wisdom times. It's what brought aboutrepparttar 123891 wonder advancement in technology.

We now are continuing that in a more balanced state. We embracerepparttar 123892 heart center this time around, which brings beauty and grace to us as individuals as well as a species.

This is why as we teach ourselvesrepparttar 123893 skills of clarity and focus we use our imaging POWER, and it is power, that our lives are designed as we in corporation with our Spirit Selves have destined us for.

So.....we have a choice. Further our knowledge and under- standing ofrepparttar 123894 communication tool of "proper imaging", or do not. And there in-again, awaits our Potential. (end/sj)

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