The Little Black Book of Secrets

Written by JD Lumpkin

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how to set up a DNA file on your child for positive identification. You can make a complete identification file on your child for about $5 at home with this ebooks step by step instructions. Get it now!

Trained private investigator specializing in crime prevention and missing children recovery. I am totally dedicated to stopping crimes against children.

Mining The Treasure Chest

Written by B.G. Holte

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nothing about yourself. I did this, call it paranoia or whatever. I did not know who I was dealing with, but neither didrepparttar moderator orrepparttar 108423 members. I completely understood where they were coming from. The internet is so much different thanrepparttar 108424 offline world, I find people to be much more trusting inrepparttar 108425 offline world. Gaining trust onrepparttar 108426 internet is liking asking your dentist not to cause you any pain, difficult to do unless he puts you under. Anyways, my first approach flopped big time. One forum member even replied “Oh great, another one who wants to profit from our hardwork.” The forum moderator contacted me by email and explained that they “may” be willing to help me if I gave a little more information about myself such as where I was from etc. God...I felt like such a bonehead. I couldn’t fault him for that though, I explained to him that I was vague on my posting of personal information because you never know who’s looking over your shoulder onrepparttar 108427 net...such as hackers. Inrepparttar 108428 end I told him my real name, address, and phone number. He emailed me back and said thank-you, he stated he felt much more comfortable in dealing with me and gave me permission to use his forum to gatherrepparttar 108429 information I needed. After receiving that email from him, I went back torepparttar 108430 forum and felt I needed to defend myself a little withrepparttar 108431 one sceptic. I explained very diplomatically torepparttar 108432 poster that he was entitled to his opinion, but at least I was being honest about charging forrepparttar 108433 ebook. Sorepparttar 108434 moral ofrepparttar 108435 story is honesty is key to using forums (I was being honest, just vague...duh!!), introduce yourself properly...not like I didrepparttar 108436 first time. From that mistake I made I learned another valuable lesson when it comes to using forums, instead of just emailingrepparttar 108437 moderator I will now take it one step further...I will callrepparttar 108438 moderator via telephone if possible. When I do completerepparttar 108439 ebook all contributing members will get a free copy ofrepparttar 108440 e-book and will be credited with any info they give me inrepparttar 108441 book. Andrepparttar 108442 one member that had a problem with my first post apologized for his comment and actually is one ofrepparttar 108443 major contributors of information forrepparttar 108444 ebook...go figure eh? Learn from my mistake, good luck in all of your upcoming projects. Brian.

Brian is a freelance writer and owner of He provides visitors quality free ebook downloads. He also has a survey on his site that allows you to request info products that you are having a hard time finding and he publishes a newsletter called The Ebook King Chronicles.

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