The Litter Box Shuffle

Written by M.L. Scott

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What's a cat owner to do? You can't strap your cat to a catheter. (Can you???). In my torment I took to gazing at Petal (my cat) inrepparttar hope of any wisdom she might impart regarding litter management. After weeks of lurking in doorways and peering into her Kitty Kondo, Petal relented. Thoughrepparttar 118206 sight of my fumbling around inrepparttar 118207 litter box had becomerepparttar 118208 source of endless cat entertainment, she considered my recent behavior tantamount to stalking and an invasion of her right to privacy. So, after extracting a promise of cat treats (and a restraining order barring me fromrepparttar 118209 Kondo), she informed me thatrepparttar 118210 solution was not only cost effective, but simple. Letrepparttar 118211 cat userepparttar 118212 toilet and dumprepparttar 118213 litter box altogether. Sound strange? Well, it's no stranger than shelling out $200 for a motor that spins waste into a plastic container. For less than $20 you can buy a toilet training cat kit that will have most cats going potty in a few weeks. Forrepparttar 118214 more cynical, Petal suggests tossingrepparttar 118215 pooper-scoopers and giving up on extendingrepparttar 118216 life of soiled litter. Who came up with that idea anyway? If there's waste inrepparttar 118217 box,repparttar 118218 litter is dirty. All ofrepparttar 118219 litter is dirty. Would you sit on a toilet seat with just a little bit of splatter? Slap some baggies on your hands and tossrepparttar 118220 whole thing. If you want to save on litter, then don't put so much inrepparttar 118221 pan. Your cat doesn't need to tunnel her way out ofrepparttar 118222 box. It's a litter box, not an amusement park. She wants out of there as much as you do. So you buy a few more pan liners and extra litter each month. Your nose and your lungs will appreciaterepparttar 118223 investment. Copyright 2004. Sophistication Alley Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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