The List Is The Thing

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

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building a relationship and your credibility over time. The website is an important part ofrepparttar sales "machine", but is notrepparttar 117459 primary focus, building your house list is. Many people might think thatrepparttar 117460 value of a house list is determined byrepparttar 117461 number of leads it contains. This is true, to a point. Affectingrepparttar 117462 value even more isrepparttar 117463 quality ofrepparttar 117464 leads, or subscribers. A small list that is highly targeted, with responsive leads, is more valuable than a large list that is not targeted. Quality comes fromrepparttar 117465 methods used to buildrepparttar 117466 house list. You want leads to opt-in, or subscribe, to your list. These people are interested in your niche, or they wouldn't have joinedrepparttar 117467 list. Using emails from one of those " One Million Email Addresses For $10" CDs will get little or no response. You will also be labeled as a spammer. Buying subscribers from list brokers is another option, but you have to be certain thatrepparttar 117468 leads opted-in torepparttar 117469 list. If not, they are practically worthless. Build "your" house list, do it properly using opt-in methods, and reaprepparttar 117470 rewards of a responsive and loyal group of contacts. Follow-up with your leads on a regular basis, and you'll have it made.

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Written by Shannan Hearne-Fortner

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- This is a true "home" business, work only at your computer.

- You can do just about ANYTHING you want as your business.

- Allrepparttar skills you need are using a computer andrepparttar 117458 Internet.

- Any motivated mom can do it, regardless of her background.

So if an Internet business isrepparttar 117459 best home business for stay-at-

home moms, why do so few mothers actually do it?

"When I share with other mothers what I do, I get a polite nod, some curious questions, and a puzzled "yeah, right..." look", Milana says.

Perhaps they don't know anyone who is a successful Internet business owner. May be they have heard all about it, but believe it's total hype. Or may be they tried it and realized that it actually requires some efforts, and not at allrepparttar 117460 "make

money while you sleep" type of business.

Most likely it's because they have no idea how to get started. Sure they can use a computer and surfrepparttar 117461 Web... but what do you do to actually start an Internet business?

You get online and read. Do your homework. Visit forums to find out what other Internet business owners are doing to become successful. Get a mentor and emulate other successful people.

Milana Leshinsky has created a web site just for moms who want to start an Internet business. You will get answers to questions such as:

- Why should you start an Internet business?

- What should you sell online?

- What do you need to build a web site for your business?

- How to make a transition from your full-time job?

You can also download a free copy of her "Internet Business Ideas For Moms!" report to find out what kind of profitable online business you can build.

Visit her web site today at

Shannan Hearne-Fortner runs the internet marketing service, Success Promotions from her home and is also a work at home mom. She can be found most of the time balancing her children, her business, and her life and happily doing the juggling act. Like Milana, Shannan finds running an internet business to be the best of both worlds. Shannan’s web site is located at

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