The "Lipstick" Sales Factor...

Written by Gary Onks

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In fact due to our independent natures, we tend to look for a reason to indulge ourselves. We aren't about to let problems disrupt our lives and rob us of our pleasures. Sorepparttar lipstick factor applies to us all and gives us a marketing advantage.

What is it about your product that is fun, makes things easier or improvesrepparttar 127371 quality of life for your customers? What arerepparttar 127372 pick-me-ups that you are offering? Every product has these components. Show them off in your advertising and marketing efforts and your sales results will get Red-Hot too.

Wanting some fun and to feel better is truly ageless, so be sure to focus onrepparttar 127373 seniors too.

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Want To Make Sales Fast?..Use The Telephone

Written by Kevin Nunley

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**Prospects appreciate courtesy. Begin by asking if it is a good time to talk. If not, askrepparttar prospect when you can call back. Have several dates and times ready for suggestion.

**Jot down a few notes before making your call, then use your talking points to keep your pitch on track. Take a few notes immediately afterrepparttar 127370 call so you can remember exactly what was said when it comes time to call again.

**Don't wait too long to ask forrepparttar 127371 sale.

**Offer to send more information via mail, email, or direct them to your website.

Figure on meeting up withrepparttar 127372 30-30-40 rule when you start telemarketing. Thirty percent are ready customers, thirty percent won't buy no matter what you say, and forty percent could go either way. The quality of your telemarketers and how skillfully they can convertrepparttar 127373 forty percent of undecideds is a big part of your success.

It is far, far easier and less stressful to call people who have already indicated an interest in what you sell. Use a free report, e-book, or autoresponder series to find prospects. Ask forrepparttar 127374 prospect's phone number when they give you their email address.

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice, copy writing, and promotion packages. See his 10,000 marketing ideas at Reach Kevin at and 801-328-9006.

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