The Lily

Written by Simon Mitchell

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2000 years ago I was killed trying to save my mother from Portuguese raiders onrepparttar river, who stolerepparttar 147212 gold that came from Ireland. My story is located inrepparttar 147213 valley of one of these rivers, now called 'River Fowey'. It is a story that I have not been able to tell until now. My own story starts withrepparttar 147214 visit of Jesus of Nazareth torepparttar 147215 river Fowey in 30 AD (according torepparttar 147216 Julian Calendar and allowing for a seven year miscalculation). He was twenty-three years old. He journeyed on a vision quest torepparttar 147217 west-of-land, in search ofrepparttar 147218 wisdom ofrepparttar 147219 Keltii and union with his father spirit. I have spent much time thinking about this moment and my brief encounter with a man who claimed to be Son of God. For hundreds of years I puzzled at his smile,repparttar 147220 light in his gaze. He had a quality of being rare inrepparttar 147221 extreme, an utter and unconditional compassion for all life.

Who am I? A ghost; Fintan, born 2000 years ago and caught inrepparttar 147222 matrix of nature unable to tell my story until now. I am here in an ancient land, waiting for you to read my story.

The Lily: Episode 1 (fiction) by Simon Mitchell This is an extract from 'The Lily' - the first episode of an exciting and magical new Cornish novel. Order this story by visiting:

How Can Ebooks Edify And Improve Your Business Creditability

Written by Jaz Lai

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One ofrepparttar most prevalent reasons people read ebooks is to find information about how to turn their Internet businesses into a profit-making machine. And these people are looking torepparttar 146946 writers of ebooks to provide them with new ideas and strategies because writers of ebooks are usually people who understandrepparttar 146947 new cyberspace world we now live in. Ebook writers are experts in Internet marketing campaigns andrepparttar 146948 strategies of promoting and distributing ebooks. The cyberspace community needs its ebooks to be successful so that more and more ebooks will be written.

You may want to create affiliate programs that will also market your ebook. Affiliates can be people or businesses worldwide that will all be working to sell your ebooks. Think about this? Do you see a formula for success here?

Figure out what your subject matter is, and then narrow it down. Your goal is to aim for specificity. Research what's out there already, and try to find a void that your ebook might fill.

What about an ebook about a wedding cake business? Or an ebook about caring for elderly pets? How aboutrepparttar 146949 fine points of collecting ancient pottery?

You don't have to have three masters degrees to write about your subject. People need advice that is easy to read and easily understood. Parents need advice for dealing with their teenagers. College students need to learn good study skills - quickly. The possibilities are endless.

After you've writtten your ebook

Getting your ebook out is going to be your focus once you've finished writing it, just as it is with print books. People will hesitate to buy any book from an author they've never heard of. Wouldn't you?

The answer is simple: give it away! You will see profits inrepparttar 146950 form of promoting your own business and getting your name out. You will find affiliates who will ask you to place their links within your ebook, and these affiliates will in turn go out and make your name known. Almost every single famous ebook author has started out this way.

Another powerful tool to attract people to your ebook is to make it interactive. Invent something for them to do withinrepparttar 146951 book rather than just producing pages that contain static text. Let your readers fill out questionnaires, forms, even crossword puzzles geared to testing their knowledge on a particular subject.Have your readers hit a link that will allow them to recommend your book to their friends and associates. Or include an actual order form so atrepparttar 146952 end of their reading journey, they can eagerly buy your product.

When people interact with books, they become a part ofrepparttar 146953 world of that book. The fact is just as true for books in print as it is for ebooks.

That's why ebooks are so essential. Not only do they provide a forum for people to learn and make sense of their own thoughts, but they can also serve to promote your business atrepparttar 146954 same time.

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