The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Written by Steven N. Ng

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On top of this was a circular tower that housedrepparttar fire (for use to alert ships duringrepparttar 140295 night) andrepparttar 140296 great mirror (for use duringrepparttar 140297 day). A statue of Poseidon stood on top this tower.

The Pharos Lighthouse was a true wonder in architecture and engineering, bearing similarities to modern skyscrapers. It measured up to a modern 40-story building. The Greeks were so impressed with it that they included it as one ofrepparttar 140298 Seven Wonders ofrepparttar 140299 Ancient World.

The mirror ofrepparttar 140300 Pharos Lighthouse appeared to be quite famous in ancient times. Many people believed thatrepparttar 140301 mirror was so smooth and powerful that it could be used to reflectrepparttar 140302 sun's rays onto invading ships and burn them. Another belief was thatrepparttar 140303 mirror was so strong it could be used to observe and spy on competing city-states acrossrepparttar 140304 Mediterranean Sea, more than 100 miles away. However, it is highly unlikely that either of these stories are true.

From historical evidence, it appears thatrepparttar 140305 Pharos Lighthouse was also a tourist attraction. Hundreds of visitors climbedrepparttar 140306 Lighthouse everyday to enjoyrepparttar 140307 fantastic view around Alexandria. Food vendors also sold their goods atrepparttar 140308 top of each section ofrepparttar 140309 Pharos.

However,repparttar 140310 Pharos Lighthouse was damaged by earthquakes, becoming totally demolished inrepparttar 140311 early 14th century. Its ruins and location were subsequently used byrepparttar 140312 Egyptian Sultan Qaitbay to build a fort in 1480, thus endingrepparttar 140313 story for this Wonder ofrepparttar 140314 World.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines Still Picks The Ports! But The Rest Is Your Call

Written by William Lezubski

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Kids Crew™

Norwegians have a way with kids! NCL's complimentary Kid's Crew™ is a program of things to do places to go and kids to meet. It's like recess only longer. Sleep away camp, only better. A specially trained staff of youth counselors from universities and organizations, who carry an impressive bag of tricks for your kids, carefully supervises every minute. There are circuses, crafts, parades, sports, games, stories and parties. Campouts with tents, cooking classes where they can make a pizza or pancakes, T-shirt painting, face painting, treasure hunts and sandcastle competitions if your cruise includes a visit to NCL's private island.

Age specific, programs vary for Junior Sailors age 3 to 5, First Mates age 6 to 8, Navigators age 9 to 12 and Teens age 13 to 17 (teens enjoy karaoke, dancing, pool parties, scavenger hunts, trivia contests, exercise classes, volleyball, basketball and movies). Programs are subject to change andrepparttar aforementioned is far from a complete list. But you getrepparttar 140235 idea!

Great Stirrup Cay

NCL's Own Private Island inrepparttar 140236 Bahamas Relax onrepparttar 140237 talcum sand and swim inrepparttar 140238 crystal-clear waters of NCL's own Private Island inrepparttar 140239 Bahamas. Evenrepparttar 140240 most novice snorkeler can see brilliant fish, gentle stingrays and coral reefs. Floats, paddleboats, kayaks and Kis-Kat sailboats are available to ensure guests enjoyrepparttar 140241 wonders of Great stirrup Cay's waters.

Dive In™

Snorkeling Program Features an experienced and knowledgeable instructor, fins, a mask and safety vest. Scuba excursions are also available!

"Europe Plus" Program

Features free, two-night pre- or post-cruise hotel packages, transfers, private hospitality desks at hotels and breakfast at Rome hotels in conjunction with Norwegian Dream's European and Mediterranean cruises. (Must be booked and deposited 180 days prior to sailing; some restrictions apply.)

Latitudes Program

NCL's Latitudes Program is designed to recognize guest loyalty with special savings and greater benefits on cruises, including future cruise discounts, an on board cocktail party for members only, on board consultant, complimentary subscription to Latitudes, NCL's quarterly magazine, special check-in at selected ports and more.

Romance Packages

For those special moments, NCL offers wedding packages, which include a wedding coordinator, ceremony, wedding officinal, announcements, wedding cake, photography package and more.

Winter Weather Guarantee!

Ask about Norwegian Dawn's Winter Weather Guarantee who provides shipboard credits and/or cruise credits for certain weather-related cancellations or specific delays. Applicable to select sailing months.

A young fleet by most cruises line standards; ships have either been built withinrepparttar 140242 past six years or have enjoyed recent refurbishment. Norwegian Star, Norwegian Sun and Norwegian Dawn were inaugurated in 2001 and 2002 respectively. Norwegian Sky's maiden voyage was in 1999 (she has been re-flagged as Pride of Aloha and has joinedrepparttar 140243 new NCL America brand in July 2004). Norwegian Majesty first sailed in 1997, Norwegian Wind in 1993 and Norwegian Dream in 1992 (both Wind and Dream were refurbished in 1998) Norwegian Sea launched in 1988 and was refurbished in both 2001 and 2003. 77,000 ton, 2000 guest Norwegian Spirit (formerly Superstar Leo of Star Cruises), was built for Freestyle Cruising in 1998. She closely resembles her larger sister, Norwegian Dawn.

In September 2003, NCL added Norwegian Crown to their fleet. Formerlyrepparttar 140244 Crown Odyssey she previously sailed underrepparttar 140245 banner of NCL's sister company, Orient Lines. She has undergone a multi-million dollar transformation to Freestyle standard includingrepparttar 140246 addition of three new restaurants including NCL's signature Le Bistro, a Pasta Café andrepparttar 140247 Asian influenced Chopsticks. The Seven Seas Restaurant,repparttar 140248 Yacht Club and Café Italia are also on board. Other changes include enhancements torepparttar 140249 Top ofrepparttar 140250 Crown Lounge, an expanded Lido Bar, a complete renovation torepparttar 140251 casino, andrepparttar 140252 Mandara Spa, Beauty Salon and Fitness Center was completely rebuilt.

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