The Leading Journalist of the Jazz Age

Written by David F. Duncan

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He was a dedicated isolationist on world affairs. Of German ancestry, he always remained an admirer of all things German. That admiration included a near slavish devotion torepparttar elitist philsophy of Nietzsche. It also extended to German militarism, even duringrepparttar 125533 two World Wars.

Atrepparttar 125534 same time, Mencken had a passionate, unbending devotion to individual liberty and an undying hostility to those who, from whatever motives, sought to control others' lives or limit their freedom. His opposition to middle class conformity may have had its roots in an elitist worldview, but it was nonetheless liberating for anyone who did not wish to conform. Mencken was almost solely responsible for transformingrepparttar 125535 term Puritanism from a brag to a condemnation.

Teachout findsrepparttar 125536 greatest weakness in Menckens thought to be his "extreme skepticism" and "permanent opposition." This excess of skepticism resulted in his often failing to acknowledge genuine cultural progress. Furthermore, Teachout argues that it renders Menckens thought ultimately "incoherent" as any sort of consistent whole. Given that Mencken was a journalist and not a philosopher, this incoherence doesnt seem like such a terrible failing to me. Do we care if Walter Chronkiteís thought was coherent as a body or is it enough that he reportedrepparttar 125537 facts as best he could atrepparttar 125538 time?

The epilog ofrepparttar 125539 book goes a long way toward explainingrepparttar 125540 peculiar position that Mencken occupies in American letters. His is a curiously ambiguous reputation -- accepted by neitherrepparttar 125541 conservative norrepparttar 125542 liberal establishment, despite his strong affinities with both. Teachout takesrepparttar 125543 view that Menckenís success was a "triumph of style." Form and content, he asserts, are "inseparable" in Menckenís work. The result of this marriage of content with style ultimately expressesrepparttar 125544 fundamental characteristics ofrepparttar 125545 "American temperament," which is "witty and abrasive, self-confident and self-contradictory." Certainly, I must agree that Mencken had style and that whether he was expressing ideas that I find admirable or ones I find repulsive, he did so with remarkable energy and with great mastery ofrepparttar 125546 English (or as he would prefer,repparttar 125547 American) language.

Dr. David F. Duncan is a psychologist and epidemiologist best known for his work in the field of the addictions. He is the President of Duncan & Associates, a research and policy studies consulting firm.

4 Strategies for Protecting Your Online Business

Written by Amar Mehta

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3) Product:

If you are selling PDF(Portable Document Format) ebooks then better not keep it for download as PDFs, that is keep it in zipped format.

There are two advantages of this:

a) The file size reduces, so, in turn bandwidth saving for you when so many people are downloadingrepparttar file from your site.

b) Search engines are now indexing PDF files, that is if someone searches your site and if you have not blockedrepparttar 125532 access to PDF files on your site by specifying in robot.txt (this isrepparttar 125533 file that Search engine spiders read when they visit your site), then it is very easy to find out and downloadrepparttar 125534 file, but if it is in zip format then no one will find it on Search Engine! You can download Winzip for FREE from:

4) Download Location:

Never ever reveal your actual download location to people. You can use several options for preventing your download location from getting circulated.

The two main options are:

a) Use some password protected area whererepparttar 125535 user has to login to downloadrepparttar 125536 product. Hererepparttar 125537 system of deliveringrepparttar 125538 product doesn't remain instant as you will verifyrepparttar 125539 order and then sendrepparttar 125540 user her user name and password.

b) Use server side language e.g. CGI, PHP, ASP etc. forrepparttar 125541 download page whererepparttar 125542 download location is specified inrepparttar 125543 page as a variable andrepparttar 125544 user won't even knowrepparttar 125545 actual download location by doing view source ofrepparttar 125546 page. This method will allow you to dorepparttar 125547 instant delivery which isrepparttar 125548 most desirable method of delivery onrepparttar 125549 net. Won't you like something delivered to you instantly over something you have to wait for?

In conclusion,

- Encryptrepparttar 125550 source of your Order page to prevent user from knowing your download location.

- Never give common names to your Download page that can be easily guessed.

- Keep your product in zipped format, saves bandwidth while downloading and prevents from getting indexed on search engines.

- Use server side language like cgi, ASP, PHP for protecting your actual download location from prying eyes.

I hope these 4 strategies are useful to you in protecting your online business from those illegal downloaders.

Amar Mehta.

======================================== Amar Mehta is Online Business Protection spcialist. You can subscribe to his F-R-E-E Online Protection Black Belt eCourse: "The Shocking Truth About How You Are Getting Ripped Off Online And How To Protect Yourself !" by going to: Subscribe his to newsletter:


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