The Lazy Man's Way To Building a Massive List In Minimum Time

Written by Daniel Kelly

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4. Quick Turn-around: You don't want to wait months for your leads source to fulfill your order. Many smaller sites arenít able to keep up withrepparttar demand for leads so you could be waiting months if your order is large. You want a source that can fulfill large orders in a timely basis. Time really is money... especially when someone has yours, and you're left waiting months for your list.

5. Accessible & Effective Support: You want to be able to ask a question any time, day or night, and get a fast, courteous, and most importantly, effective solution to your concern. With some companies, you send them an email and it takes them days to get back to you, if they reply at all. And, speaking bluntly, many of them use incompetent people for their support because they're only after a quick buck. Their motto, "Grabrepparttar 105671 money and run... They should be able to figure it out."

6. CAN-SPAM Compliant: If you buy a list that has been harvested from websites, forums, newsgroups or any number of other places, you could get in serious trouble just for sending them your email. It's just not worth it! Please, only send your information and promotional material to people that want to hear from you.

7. Exclusivity: You don't want to compete for your leads attention any more than you have to. Spam filter, blacklist, and unexplainable Internet "glitches" cause email marketers enough grief. You want to know that your list is not going to be resold to a dozen or a hundred different marketers. My personal recommendation is that you NEVER purchase a lead that is sold to more than 5 marketers. The quality of response will be horrible if you're competing with that many people for your prospects' limited time and attention.

8. Alternate Means Of Communication: If you can get them, you also want their home address and home telephone number. If you're really serious about promoting your opportunity, you should be communicating with your prospects with more than just email. Postcards and short phone calls/message have be proven to increase response to almost any offer - especially offers where people are naturally skeptical at repparttar 105672 outset.

BTW, some websites (I won't name any names.) make it sound like they're doing you a favor by "giving you their name at no additional cost". Give me a break! Names are MANDITORY!

ACTION STEP: Now that you haverepparttar 105673 criteria, you should evaluate your current lead sources and check out a few new ones.

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Need Business Home Work?

Written by Gerard Bulger

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7. Be fully aware your business home work start up costs, is special software needed, if so can it be found free onrepparttar Internet, don't listen to those 'you must have this to succeed' adverts, most information and services can be found free. But also take into account of any monthly subscriptions fees if you join a MLM company, for example do you get more commission from your first couple of levels or is it all inrepparttar 105670 lower levels that you may never reach.

8. When advertising your business home work avoid such organizations as FFA (free-for-all), your email may then be given to thousands of spam companies that don't care about you, your email inbox will soon be full of rubbish, if something sounds to true to be good it normally is.

9. If your going into MLM take your time, look for a service that you will be happy with, then look for a sponsor that will support you, ask for proof, do they have newsletters, support websites etc. Will they help, guide and form a business relationship with you.

10. I can't stress this point enough, be willing to learn and re-learn with your business home work, if something isn't working for you then change it, even if you have to start again, take your experiences and learn from them.

Good Luck.

Gerard Bulger is an IT Consultant who has been studying the work at home Internet business market for several years, he also writes on self-help and the esoteric sciences. He can be found at and the Free Resource

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