The Law of Electronic Commerce

Written by Benjamin Wright

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The remedy is an additional P3P code, "DSA". Any web administrator using DSA in her P3P privacy policy indicates she disavows legal liability for her P3P policy and renders it meaningless.

Usingrepparttar DSA code, organizations can publish fictitious P3P codes to enable cookies, while nullifying their legal affect. "The P3P language is simply inadequate for writing legal privacy policies, and corporations are foolish to use it for that purpose," said Mr. Wright. "The DSA code allows them to exploitrepparttar 119304 P3P coding forrepparttar 119305 technical purpose of deploying cookies, while disclaiming thatrepparttar 119306 codes have any substantive or legal effect."

To provide background and detail, Mr. Wright has written a monograph titled "Disavowing P3P Liability" and made it available for sale at On request, he will e-mail it free to any journalist.

"P3P is a very complex subject that will catch corporations by surprise," said Doug Peckover, CEO of Demand Engine, Inc., a strategic privacy consulting firm. "Few are even aware of P3P's full implications. They need to readrepparttar 119307 analysis of a world-class e-commerce lawyer like Ben Wright."

P3P isrepparttar 119308 Platform for Privacy Preferences, developed underrepparttar 119309 sponsorship of a non-profit organization namedrepparttar 119310 World Wide Web Consortium (also called W3C), a coalition of industry and non-profit groups.

Benjamin Wright is founding author of The Law of Electronic Commerce, the world's leading written authority on e-commerce legal issues. The book was originally published in 1990 and has been regularly updated through the years. It is now available from Aspen Law & Business in its fully revised fourth edition.

Sales and the Art of Private Investigation

Written by Leroy Cook

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One ofrepparttar toughest sales tools to master, either while selling or investigating, isrepparttar 119303 proper and effective handling of objections. We recently conducted a marketing program offering a free book to potential clients of investigators. When a book was requested we gave local ION membersrepparttar 119304 opportunity to deliverrepparttar 119305 book. Deliveringrepparttar 119306 book was meant to be a door opener forrepparttar 119307 investigators to meet and hopefully sell themselves to possible clients. As with gettingrepparttar 119308 order for a referred investigation, some of our members succeeded in meeting with and establishing rapport with most ofrepparttar 119309 leads provided. Others complained that none, or very few ofrepparttar 119310 clients contacted aboutrepparttar 119311 book were willing to meet with them. A good salesman knowsrepparttar 119312 sale begins whenrepparttar 119313 prospect says no. To sell something, even yourself, to someone who accepts what you offer with no hesitation does not require a salesperson. Easy sales only require order takers and clerks. You won't find many millionaire or CEO former order takers or clerks but there are countless millionaire and CEO former salespeople.

Have you ever had someone call about possibly doing an investigation and they talk a lot but never turn into a client ? Whatever their reason was for not going ahead with workingrepparttar 119314 case is known is sales as an objection. Maybe it was your price or what you said or failed to say but, usually it is their inability to make a decision. In many such cases, offering them a choice instead of leavingrepparttar 119315 decision up to them would have been a service to them. It would have eased their stress by helping them decisively deal with one more thing in their life and for you, it would have maderepparttar 119316 difference between an almost case and money inrepparttar 119317 bank for you. Most people, even attorneys and SIU directors sometimes need help making decisions to do things they know they should do. Making decisions involves risk whereas doing nothing seems more safe. Inertia onrepparttar 119318 part of potential clients costs private investigators who refuse to acceptrepparttar 119319 need to sell themselves, more than 25% of what their incomes could otherwise be. Our "cancellation rate" statistics from 20,000 referrals demonstraterepparttar 119320 difference between PI's who know how to close a sale and those who don't. Here is a sample choice question to try after discussingrepparttar 119321 potential case. "Shall we start on that this week or next?"

No one should sell people things or services they don't need. The main difference between a professional salesperson and a high pressure salesman is their sensitivity torepparttar 119322 interests of others. The high pressure salesman I described atrepparttar 119323 beginning of this article didn't care aboutrepparttar 119324 farmers situation. Con artists who call themselves private investigators don't care aboutrepparttar 119325 problems of their mark. The goal is not to turn private investigators into high pressure salespeople or con artists. Professional private investigators care about people and enjoy helping solve their problems. Learning professional sales skills however, will make you a better investigator and a more successful and affluent businessperson. If you would like ideas on how to get sales training and/or skills, send me a note online to

Published in PI Magazine - Fall 1998

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Leroy Cook has over 15 years experience as a Private Investigator. Leroy Cook is president of ION Incorporated, a worldwide private investigator referral service since 1990.

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