The Law of Attraction - Make it Work for You

Written by Laurie Hayes

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I adoptedrepparttar mindset that I was going down and became focused on struggling and racing time. My negative vibration started attracting more ofrepparttar 122177 same andrepparttar 122178 disparaging results started snowballing.

I created an undesirable cycle of events.

One ofrepparttar 122179 greatest gifts we have isrepparttar 122180 ability to choose our thoughts, and thankfully, inrepparttar 122181 middle ofrepparttar 122182 crisp, cool winter air, I realized that I was creating this reality with my negative thinking.

The Universe was merely giving me back what I was sending out.

After shoveling, I decided I must change course to attract desired events in my life. I chose not to focus on workís daily demands but on life and those who meanrepparttar 122183 most to me.

I spentrepparttar 122184 remainder of my day decoratingrepparttar 122185 Christmas tree with my stepson then taking him out for lunch. I gave him my undivided attention and let him know he is important.

I returned to my true purpose. Focusing on others and helping them see their worth in this world.

It is important to remember that you haverepparttar 122186 power to create your reality and this is managed through your thoughts.

If you are thinking about a lack of something, you will attract more of this. If you are thinking about something you love, you will attract more of what you love and enjoy.

Be aware of what is coming into your life and if it isnít what you want, review your thought processes and make changes. You haverepparttar 122187 power.

Laurie Hayes, founder of Where the Heart Is Life Coaching, is a Life Strategy Coach and author of several articles and an e-book designed to promote excitement and inspire action in others to pursue the best life has to offer. To secure a copy of her free e-book, "10 Guidelines for Attraction" visit

Is there something beyond me?

Written by Terry Dashner

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The Bible clearly states that God is above all things. And all things inrepparttar universe submit to His Omnipotent Laws. For example,repparttar 122176 Ten Commandments are Godís highest moral law inrepparttar 122177 universe. Itís just as wrong to murder your neighbor in Asia as it is in America, Israel, or any other nation on planet earth. The postmodernists andrepparttar 122178 other ďistsĒ would say that man makes his own laws (if it feels good do it) and is responsible to uphold no oneís moral law but his own. Thatís dangerous. A man as an existentialist could say that he doesnít believe itís wrong to seize another manís property. However, what happens whenrepparttar 122179 postmodern man has his prized possessions stolen? He immediately cries, ďIíve been violated!Ē Then he demands justiceóuniversal justice that punishes thievery. That, my friend, sounds like Godís universal condemnation for stealing. And it is.

God isrepparttar 122180 Supreme Law ofrepparttar 122181 universe whether or not you or I like it. If you disagree with me, then go aheadóbreak Godís law. Try to see if there are any negative consequences associated with being sexually active to multiple partners or living with unforgiveness, storing up hate until you begin to premeditate murder or any other moral code broken at whim. But for me, I think Iíll just obey God and follow His commandments. Like I said, that intellectual stuff gives me a headache. I thank God that he has given me enough wisdom to seekrepparttar 122182 foolishness ofrepparttar 122183 Cross of Jesus Christ. How about you?

Keeprepparttar 122184 faith. Stayrepparttar 122185 course.

Terry Dashner

Pastors a small church in Oklahoma. 918-451-0270.

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