The Latest Innovation in Search Engine Algorithms . . . User Popularity

Written by Robin Nobles

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After all, most people venture ontorepparttar Internet looking for information. If we can provide that information in content-rich, valuable pages, we've donerepparttar 127909 search engines,repparttar 127910 users, and ourselves a big favor.

With all of these various ranking factors, what isrepparttar 127911 one area that is sorely missing?

How about a site ranking algorithm based on a combination of content relevancy and user popularity data?

"Content" relevancy and "user popularity" aren't as easy to manipulate as link popularity, link reputation, or even keyword placement, sorepparttar 127912 search engine results should certainly be more relevant. After all, anyone who is concerned about relevancy in search engine rankings should wantrepparttar 127913 most relevant pages and sites to rise torepparttar 127914 top ofrepparttar 127915 rankings. If our pages aren'trepparttar 127916 most relevant, we have some work to do!

Introducing an Innovative Search Engine Ranking Algorithm

I just learned of a new search engine that actually uses a combination of content relevancy and user popularity to determine rankings. It's called

How does ExactSeek measure user popularity? The engine has teamed up with Alexa, which offers a toolbar that measures activity onrepparttar 127917 Web. By measuringrepparttar 127918 surfing activity of millions of Alexa users, ExactSeek is able to determinerepparttar 127919 user popularity and relevancy of Web sites in its index. User popularity is a far more reliable indicator of where Web sites should rank and gives users some input onrepparttar 127920 search results they see.

Mel Strocen, CEO of Jayde Online, which isrepparttar 127921 parent company of ExactSeek, says,

"Alexa traffic data will be a strong factor inrepparttar 127922 ExactSeek ranking algorithm but notrepparttar 127923 dominant factor, that being page content. Essentially, we've opted to emphasize user popularity over link popularity."

In fact, in an effort to makerepparttar 127924 results even more relevant, will be in flux forrepparttar 127925 next week or two as they work to determine how much weight to give Alexa traffic data in ranking search results.

The beauty of is thatrepparttar 127926 harder you work toward increasing traffic to your Web site by adding new, relevant content, paying for SEO, advertising in various publications, investing in a PPC campaign, etc.,repparttar 127927 better your rankings will be in

Can User Popularity be Manipulated?

I think a better question would be, what search engine results can't be manipulated? The key is to consider relevancy and valuable content, which is something that has wisely chosen to focus on.

It's true that not everyone usesrepparttar 127928 Alexa toolbar. However, it does provide results based on an excellent sampling of users onrepparttar 127929 Web. Plus, user popularity will be more difficult to manipulate than other factors, because it is certainly more difficult to manipulaterepparttar 127930 surfing public than it is to manipulaterepparttar 127931 search engines.

Give a Try! is innovative in more ways thanrepparttar 127932 way it determines rankings. For example, you can check your site's rankings inrepparttar 127933 ExactSeek database from a link onrepparttar 127934 main page ofrepparttar 127935 engine. How convenient!

In Conclusion . . .

Asrepparttar 127936 search engine industry evolves, we'll begin to see more and more innovations geared toward arriving at relevant search results that aren't as easily manipulated as some ofrepparttar 127937 ranking methods inrepparttar 127938 past. One of those innovations is being put into place now at user popularity combined with content relevancy.

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Top 10 Traffic Building Mistakes To Avoid

Written by James Leckie

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Page design and marketing are inseperable. Once you've attracted your visitors, your traffic building exercise has gone well and your site looks good, what are you offering which will encourage return visits? Regular site updates are very useful since your site will appear active and worth revisiting. The most successful sites we've worked on have been regularly updated. After allrepparttar effort you've gone to in gaining traffic, it's worth considering how to hang on to it.

Messy Code

Afterrepparttar 127908 search engine robots have visited your site, they'll seerepparttar 127909 meta information first, then they'll scan your page forrepparttar 127910 first chunk of relevant text. A large number of sites have cluttered code (Javascript usually) afterrepparttar 127911 meta tags. This will not help your search engine ranking sincerepparttar 127912 relevant text will be too far downrepparttar 127913 page. Try hivingrepparttar 127914 Javascript code (or similar) into another file and refer to it fromrepparttar 127915 HTML.

Beware of Rogue "Experts"

Before handing your hard earned money over to "Site Submission Experts", be sure to find out exactly what you're getting. They may claim to be able to submit your site to "30,000 engines", but let's be honest, there's only a handful which create almost allrepparttar 127916 search traffic onrepparttar 127917 web, so you can submit yourself. Some firms claim to guarantee you a Top 20 ranked page - yes, if your search phrase is 8 words long. It's not that easy in reality. Reputable firms can help you optimize your pages, and advise you on how best to market your site to your target audience, so best to do some homework first.


Building traffic is an ongoing activity. After your initial hard work, you should check your pages onrepparttar 127918 engines and "tweak" them ifrepparttar 127919 results aren't as you expected. Traffic isrepparttar 127920 oxygen ofrepparttar 127921 Internet and your site is dead without it, so regularly give your code a tune-up and resubmit if necessary. Don't oversubmit though. If you look at your server logs, you'll seerepparttar 127922 major engine robots visiting on a regular basis, they'll pick up your changes soon enough if you can afford to wait a week or so.

Allrepparttar 127923 best with your traffic building efforts!

James Leckie is editor of - the small business portal and - the web promotion portal.

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