The Latest Affiliate Marketing Trends

Written by George Papazoglou

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Savvy online merchants evade overpaying for pay-for-performance and wisely decide to run their affiliate programs in-the-house, by leasing or installing powerful software like AssocTrac ( see ).

- The Latest Trends in Associate Marketing -

* Savoir-faire affiliates already promote aggressively, independently-run affiliate programs that value their associates' efforts and rewardrepparttar productive ones.

* New and promising affiliate networks like ShareASale (see ) provide low-cost solutions for advertisers and robust sales tracking for affiliates - plus fiercely combat merchant fraud.

* Home Based Businesses generate an ever-growing income by promoting informational products that track multiple sales with a 90-Day cookie (see Clickbank at ).

More and more money-making opportunities emerge onrepparttar 102472 virtual horizon forrepparttar 102473 cyber-preneur who knows how to trek into one.

Be a sophisticated, demanding and deliberate promoter and start targeting prospects with a laser-beam...

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Free Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Program

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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3.) Post to Affiliate Forums and Newsgroups Approach this method with caution. No one will be impressed if you post a blatant advertisement or a plea to join your affiliate program. If you find a forum that contains such messages, donít even bother making a post there. The forum probably isnít moderated, and almost certainly isnít read by many people. The place to include information about your website and program is in your profile (and in your signature line if other posters do so). A serious forum, read byrepparttar type of people you want to have as affiliates, will only contain posts with relevant and useful content instead of advertising fluff messages.

How can you add relevant and useful content? The first step is to read some ofrepparttar 102471 existing posts and get a feel forrepparttar 102472 general personality ofrepparttar 102473 forum. At best, reading old posts will spark questions that can be turned into relevant posts and generate interested responses. At worst, youíll see whatís been talked about recently, so you donít makerepparttar 102474 awkward mistake of asking a question that was answered a few days ago.

If no topics come to mind after reading old posts, a possible strategy is to ask forrepparttar 102475 advice of some experienced affiliates in how you could improve your program. Youíll find different ideas on what constitutes a solid compensation plan, tracking system, or incentive program. Beyond getting attention for your program, this is a great opportunity to improve your program by pickingrepparttar 102476 brains of people whoíve been inrepparttar 102477 game longer than you.

This list is obviously not comprehensive, but it contains a few forums worth investigating:

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