The Last Eclipse

Written by Arthur Zulu

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But man, "the most wicked of God's creations", according to one source, has refused to learn from history. And soon, he will trigger up events that will lead, not to a third world war, but torepparttar last eclipse. How will that happen? you may ask.

Now, look closely torepparttar 126042 Middle East and consider this scenario. America defies world opinion, and declares war on an Arab country suspected of having "weapons of mass destruction" Thousands of Muslims perish. Some Osama ralliesrepparttar 126043 Muslim world, and declares a jihad againstrepparttar 126044 U. S. Then America backed by NATO hits back. Under pressure,repparttar 126045 jihadists crack a dirty nuke. And America dropsrepparttar 126046 real one. Lights out!

This may sound hypothetical. But remember howrepparttar 126047 First World War started. Just a lone bullet. In fact, all fratricidal wars have begun by just one shot. So,repparttar 126048 bottomline is that wars do not solve problems. Instead, they compound it. We are not here talking ofrepparttar 126049 problem of refugees, or of hunger andrepparttar 126050 spread of diseases. Neither are we saying ofrepparttar 126051 violence that will follow—something like pieces of peace.

Man has forgottenrepparttar 126052 past; and inrepparttar 126053 words of George Santayana he is "condemned to repeat it." What a pity! Yet, some biologists call him Homo Sapien—man,repparttar 126054 wise. Show me your wisdom.

So, when you see man, do not call him "the most wicked of God's creations." For he does not even know that he cannot run away fromrepparttar 126055 "last eclipse." Neither is he going to celebrate it. The earth is a closed place. And NASA does not even have a space ship right now to fly us out of here (suppose there is another home in outer space). Rather, call man "the most foolish of God`s creations". Or isn't he?

ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer inrepparttar 126056 World, isrepparttar 126057 author ofrepparttar 126058 best-selling book HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER. For your copy and FREE excerpt, click on: . For contact, mail to:

ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best-selling book HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.

Discover the Real Bush War

Written by Scot Aaron

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FACT: America provided Bin Laden andrepparttar "Afghan Jihad" fighters with weapons and military training!

The US used their weapons and military technologies to fight against Russian Communists in their war against Afghanistan from 1979-1989. In other words, in an indirect way, certain American policies led torepparttar 126041 terrorist attacks of September 11th. Afterrepparttar 126042 Afghan war was over, what would these Muslim, US-trained soldiers do? They had to fight for some cause! Bin Laden happened to inspirerepparttar 126043 soldiers to fight againstrepparttar 126044 spread of Americanism and western culture which seemed to go against Islamic values.

The first few facts can be read in many history books about modern Middle East. Interpretations ofrepparttar 126045 events will vary though. To help establishrepparttar 126046 US and Bin Laden, I will quote fromrepparttar 126047 introduction of my current book, "Love Your Neighbors? Discoverrepparttar 126048 Real World Religions."

[The situation concerningrepparttar 126049 1993 WTC bombing and events behindrepparttar 126050 September 11th attacks are more complex than most recognize. In order to "fight" against communism, three presidential administrations (Carter, Ford and Reagan) performed covert activities throughrepparttar 126051 CIA. A key element was to train Islamic men inrepparttar 126052 war againstrepparttar 126053 communists in Afghanistan (1979-89), aptly referred to asrepparttar 126054 "Afghan jihad,"repparttar 126055 holy war in Afghanistan. America's activities helped establishrepparttar 126056 Taliban regime and allowed bin Laden to gain his supporters. Bin Laden stated: "To counter these atheist Russians,repparttar 126057 Saudis chose me as their representative in Afghanistan. ... I settled in Pakistan inrepparttar 126058 Afghan border region. There I received volunteers who came fromrepparttar 126059 Saudi Kingdom and from all overrepparttar 126060 Arab and Muslim countries. I set up my first camp where these volunteers were trained by Pakistani and American officers. The weapons were supplied byrepparttar 126061 Americans,repparttar 126062 money byrepparttar 126063 Saudis. I discovered that it was not enough to fight in Afghanistan, but that we had to fight on all fronts, communist or Western oppression." (Ahmed Rashid, "Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia," Yale University Press: New Haven, 1999, p. 132) It was, "A strange love affair which went disastrously wrong:repparttar 126064 alliance, duringrepparttar 126065 second half ofrepparttar 126066 twentieth century, betweenrepparttar 126067 United States of America and some ofrepparttar 126068 most conservative and fanatical followers of Islam." (John K. Cooley, "Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism," Pluto Press: London, 1999, p. 1) Seerepparttar 126069 books quoted from more information.]

I hope thatrepparttar 126070 facts I have presented are stimulating enough to openrepparttar 126071 pathways of discovery. Stay tuned for my next sections of "Discoverrepparttar 126072 Real Bush War!" After this introductory article, I will go torepparttar 126073 imperialistic mindset Bush adopts in his War. The follow up article will go allrepparttar 126074 way back to Plato and his "Republic." Discover why Bush is choosing to spend trillions of dollars and multiplyrepparttar 126075 US deficit (what you and your children will have to pay back). Here I will trace a popular economic theorist who was a British delegate atrepparttar 126076 foundational 1944 United Nations' Bretton Woods Conference.

Scot Aaron has a University degree in Religious Studies. He also created Independent Travel-Study Programs and spent years "backpacking" through many countries to learn about religion, history and culture. Love Your Neighbors? Discover the Real World Religions (ISBN 1-58916-777-5) is his most current book. Please visit his web pages at

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