The Land of Suffering

Written by Dot McGinnis

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That's not an easy thing to do whenever pain is a constant companion. But, Jesus never did say our lives would be easy ones. He did, however, promise us in His Word that He would always be with us; every step ofrepparttar way.

"... Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

How privileged we are to walk throughrepparttar 135161 land of suffering where Joseph once trod. Though painful it is, when our journey gets weary, we can draw strength fromrepparttar 135162 Word of our God. Whenrepparttar 135163 road that we're walking seems barren and lonely,repparttar 135164 pathway You've given deserted and rough. Only to know You'll walk through it with us; this Sweet Jesus is more than enough. © 2005 by Dot McGinnis

Dot McGinnis is a poet from Pennsylvania. She suffers from a neurological disorder, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and had a compression fracture in her back; which resulted in a bone spur that left a nerve root pressed against her spinal cord. This might impair her ability to walk in the future. She is retired yet continues serving the Lord via the Heavenly Inspirations Ministries.

God's Armorbearer and the Gift of Support

Written by Earma Brown

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•The Lord dedicatedrepparttar Levites to Himself. One ofrepparttar 135160 meanings given for dedication as well as holy is ‘set apart’. Interchangingrepparttar 135161 words we could say, “The Levites were set apart forrepparttar 135162 Lord.” Join me as I ask myself, “How set apart am I torepparttar 135163 Lord for service in His Church?”

•God gaverepparttar 135164 Levites’ ministry as a gift. What a wonderful honor given torepparttar 135165 Levite tribe of Israel. The physician Luke phrased it in a similar way referring to God’s gifts saying, “If your nature is evil and you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give a good gift.” 5 The helps ministry is a gift to our ministry leaders inrepparttar 135166 Church.

•God assignedrepparttar 135167 Levites torepparttar 135168 details ofrepparttar 135169 Tent. They were given duties concerningrepparttar 135170 Tent whilerepparttar 135171 priest ministered beforerepparttar 135172 Lord. Perhapsrepparttar 135173 early Church apostles had this fact in mind when they assignedrepparttar 135174 first seven to handlerepparttar 135175 details of ministry while they spent more time beforerepparttar 135176 Lord in prayer andrepparttar 135177 ministry ofrepparttar 135178 word.

Have you been assignedrepparttar 135179 details ofrepparttar 135180 ministry while your leadership ministers beforerepparttar 135181 Lord? If so, know that you have been given a great honor. We need each other in God’s chain of support. We must begin to take our place and serve as a strong link in God’s chain.

Earma Brown Most leaders nead a strong team of support. Your leadership should have one too! Earma Brown is director and Co-Founder of Armorbearers International, Inc. who offers help with designing strong teams of support for God’s leaders. Subscribe to the free ezine “The Armorbearer Coach” at or visit host site at for other insightful articles and resources.

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