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Written by Brian Su

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is still under construction, then do not submit it to Yahoo because they never accept websites are not ready for viewing; If you have submittedrepparttar site to Yahoo, then wait patiently. It takes at least six weeks for Yahoo surfers to review your site. If your site is well designed and have quality contents, your site would eventually be listed inrepparttar 128181 appropriate categories you have chosen. It might even take up to six months to get your site reviewed by a real person at Yahoo. Therefore, do not keep submitting your site to Yahoo. If you have no patience, Yahoo offers Business Express service which charges $199, they guarantee to review and respond within 7 days, however, there's no guarantee to list your website. Since Yahoo now receive thousands of site submission on a daily basis, it's said they only list sites that are professionally designed with good and useful contents. Websites using free website hosting services or simply with a bunch of website links are rarely getting listed now. If you are serious about your business, get a domain name and have your website designed by professionals. Yahoo isrepparttar 128182 most popular search engine and directory; you don't want screw up with them. If you don't know how you website is doing, offers free website status analysis at Before submitting your webiste to major search engines such as HotBot, AltaVista, Infoseek, WebCrawler, Excite, Snap and AOL Netfinder, you should double-checkrepparttar 128183 spelling of your Meta tags and site descriptions. Once you submit it wrong, it takes a lot time and efforts to have errors removed from search engines. I manually submit our clients' sites to major search engines. So do it right! AltaVista and Infoseek recently have toughened its rules on spamming. Remember, do not keep sending your site to them, keep your site keywords and descriptions strictly relate to your website content. As I mentioned that never use terms like "the best,repparttar 128184 only,repparttar 128185 number one." After an initial submission, review your site ranking in about two or three months and modify your site keywords again, and resubmit your site. In conclusion, you must take caution when you submit your site to search engines, never abuse and never spamm. Any violations may result permanent removal of your site from these major search engines.

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Written by Tom Falco

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One great way to share links is to contact similar businesses. If you run a pet grooming site, how about linking with a kennel or dog food distributor or cat magazine, etc. These sites all have something in common and basically they "feed off" each other andrepparttar shared links can only help each site.

Another super way to be linked is to actually link yourself. Yes, you can link your own site to other sites Free! through FFA sites or free classifieds. If you place your ad on free for all link sites or place free classifieds at sites, you will be linked inrepparttar 128180 eyes ofrepparttar 128181 search engines. The more classifieds or FFA links you submit,repparttar 128182 more links to your page. E.G.: more status onrepparttar 128183 Search Engines.

Try it. Not only will you be placing more emphasis on your search engine rankings, you will actually be advertising atrepparttar 128184 same time. You just may berepparttar 128185 next Amazon or Ebay!

Tom Falco is a graphic artist who runs two websites: (a freebie site) and

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