The Key to a Successful Affiliate Program

Written by Michael Southon

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What'srepparttar other 90 per cent? Marketing!

My own affiliate program gives 50% commissions, and I wouldn't dream of offering less. After all, who makesrepparttar 102556 sale - me orrepparttar 102557 affiliate?

It may be disappointing to see 50% of your sale price going to your affiliates. But it's worth remembering this: without your affiliate, that sale simply wouldn't have occurred.

Of course, there are many other factors involved in building a successful affiliate program, but this isrepparttar 102558 first and most important: make your affiliates your equal partners, because they'll be doing 90% ofrepparttar 102559 work.

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5 Tips To Creating More Profits From Your Affiliate Program

Written by Ken Hill

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4. Suggest to your affiliates that have bought and benefited from your product to personally recommend your product on their website or in their ezine. A personal recommendation will go a lot farther than just an ad for your product. An ezine owner who hasrepparttar respect of their subscribers, for instance, will have an opinion that goes a long way with their readers and personally recommending your product in their ezine will produce a lot more sales than just an ad atrepparttar 102555 top of their ezine.

5. Run a newsletter that you send to your affiliates only. You can keep your affiliates up to date on any new products you are offering as well as ways to market your products effectively. Give examples of what your top affiliates are doing to earnrepparttar 102556 highest commissions. You can also run contests and give bonuses to your top affiliates to further increaserepparttar 102557 productivity you get from your affiliates.

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