The Key to a Great Relationship

Written by Susan Dunn, MA Psychology, Emotional Intelligence Coach

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It’s similar to “free associating,” becauserepparttar speaker can count on not being corrected, judged, interrupted, or even really commented upon. This is amazingly freeing, healing, and amazingly hard to come by. It allowsrepparttar 126151 speaker to get torepparttar 126152 heart ofrepparttar 126153 matter, and his or her feelings, and learn all sorts of things.


Time is a crucial element to loving communication. We are under so much time pressure these days, our serious conversations can be squeezed in between changing diapers, taking outrepparttar 126154 garbage, and gettingrepparttar 126155 dinner dishes done. We often feel rushed to hurry up and say what we have to say, and we listenrepparttar 126156 same way, unconsciously sending outrepparttar 126157 vibes that we hope our partner will just hurry up and get it said because we have to catch our favorite television show, or get to sleep because we have a big meeting inrepparttar 126158 morning.

The other person can sense when we’re listening this way, and it defeatsrepparttar 126159 purpose of Talk Story.

A good way to do this is lying side-by-side, onrepparttar 126160 bed, a hammock, a blanket underrepparttar 126161 stars, a sailboat! It is “just” talking and one ofrepparttar 126162 most healing things a person can do. The other person just listens, without making comments or judgments.


Between two people who are intimate, silence can be a very special place. They are oftenrepparttar 126163 prelude to very important sharing.

For one thing, it is rarely tolerated in casual conversation, so it is special just in itself. Being able to sit withrepparttar 126164 silence of your partner will allow them to look more deeply within, and bring up what it is they need to talk about. Don’t rush them by feelingrepparttar 126165 need to “fill air time.” Allowing empty space is a great gift you can give one another. Give them permission to take their time, and to fillrepparttar 126166 silence when and if they’re ready.

Good communication between two partners involves talking and listening. A lot more has been written onrepparttar 126167 art of talking. Remember thatrepparttar 126168 listening, andrepparttar 126169 silences, are equally important.

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Four Proven Techniques On How To Capture Positive Habits:

Written by Catherine Franz

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4. Be assertive on what's fueling you, as diligent about all things in your realm, asrepparttar quality of food you digest, andrepparttar 126150 purity ofrepparttar 126151 water you drink.

To create a garden of positive habits, surround yourself with flowers not figurative speaking either. Complete a regular inventory. See each item for its truth, intention, and influence. Don't wave it off as "not that big of a deal."

Remove negative people, negative television shows, movies, books, even conversations. If Mama, spouse, sister, or brother fits this description, explain its impact on your life. Don't blame, explain. Explain how it affects your success, your dreams. I'm sure they do what they do out of habit and not purposeful. If presented honestly and lovinglyrepparttar 126152 people involved will seerepparttar 126153 gift.

An ideal choice is to use a positive clean-burning fuel. This begins with new words (language) to self and others. Each of us make choices every second. Get up, sit down, speak, listen, and so on. Make new choices, ones that fuel positive habits.

Take inventory on your environment and what you tolerate. What is broken, dented, stained? Fix, toss, give away, replace. Eliminate each ball and chain, one at a time, in baby steps. You will walk taller, talk and think clearer. You will attract more results that are positive into your life. Positive attracts positive--the Law of Attraction.

Fuel your surroundings with meaningful and beautiful things. That doesn't mean expensive. It can simply be a fresh rose on your desk every week andrepparttar 126154 stopping byrepparttar 126155 florist or your own garden.

Many habits tend to hide underrepparttar 126156 bed until dusted. Expect as you replace one, another can appear. Yes, they eventually become fewer. Stay focused and remember, "A rose isn't a rose without all its beautiful petals."

Be aggressive. When they appear, and they will, knock them down, toss them out withrepparttar 126157 trash. And quickly. Don't give them room to smell or grow. You'll soon discover each day will be lighter, brighter, and even more successful thanrepparttar 126158 one before. I promise!

These four techniques, continually proven by hundreds of my workshop graduates, will work for you too. They will multiply your dreams and successes over night. Begin small, begin big, just begin, and keeprepparttar 126159 momentum going...until.

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