The Key Ingredient To Increase Preconstruction Profits By Over $20,000

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A great example ofrepparttar buying power of groups can be found in a new project at With over 8,000 preconstruction subscribers to our database, there are potential methods to form relationships with developers where it is mutually beneficial to bothrepparttar 148392 developer andrepparttar 148393 investors. This pooling of “buying power” is reallyrepparttar 148394 genesis of our Mastermind Group.

In this new preconstruction project,repparttar 148395 developer has agreed to provide a $15/Sqft discount if 20 investors make their reservations in a short period of time. For a 2 Bdrm, that is a discount over current selling prices of $21,570!! Simply because 20 people maderepparttar 148396 effort to work together on a preconstruction investment of mutual interest. In addition, this is great forrepparttar 148397 developer because with that number of new preconstruction reservations in place, it helps them accomplish their goals more quickly. This is an example ofrepparttar 148398 proverbial win-win situation.

So how can you take advantage of group buying power in your next investment, regardless if it is preconstruction or another type? First, you have to find a place where other like minded people visit. Possibly this is a local real estate club, a group of co-workers that like to invest together, participants in an on-line forum, or even as part of groups like ours. Regardless of how you accomplishrepparttar 148399 goal, think in terms of how you can best put together your team and increase your buying and negotiating power.

Dr. Chris Anderson is a co-founder and is referenced in many venues including the New York Times and USA Today. Learn how you can become a part of his investing group at

THE TAXMAN COMMETH: The Offshore Tax Dodge Could Prove Costly

Written by Phillip Townsend

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• June 2005: The New York-based Big Four International accounting and consulting giant KPMG has beenrepparttar subject of an IRS investigation seeking information onrepparttar 148376 firm’s clients that used offshore tax shelters and bank accounts.

• June 2005: Eric Bassingthwaite (an alias) operating out of Channel Islands, and Philip Egglishaw, a Geneva-based Swiss attorney, were targeted for their roles in assisting wealthy Australian attorneys, executives and celebrities (all now under criminal investigation) in illegally sheltering more than $300 million is assets offshore.

• July 2005: Inrepparttar 148377 UK,repparttar 148378 HM Revenue & Customs office crackdown on tax evasion and offshore banking resulted in criminal charges for hundreds of client of “offshore” services.

• July 2005: New EU tax rules open up offshore accounts held in several prominent tax havens to scrutiny by government authorities forrepparttar 148379 purpose of collecting taxes.

A word of caution: Beware…thoughrepparttar 148380 taxman certainly can’t catch everyone, their powers and methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Phillip Townsend, an international consultant, has contributed to national and international publications, including Money magazine, GQ, the International Employment Gazette, Expat World, Freebooter, The Monitor (formerly “Mouse Monitor,” published by the now defunct Scope International, UK) and numerous others. His website is

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