The Kabbalah of Speech

Written by Shifra Hendrie

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Beforerepparttar words of creation were spoken, everything existed only in a primordial state of Divine ‘nothingness’ - infinite undifferentiated potential.

But when G-d said, “Let there be light” (In Hebrew, ‘vayehi ohr’), these words becamerepparttar 147610 creative force that brought into being what we know as light. The same thing applies to each and every detail of creation.

Creation, however, was not a onetime event. According to Kabbalah,repparttar 147611 words of creation are being ‘spoken’ by G-d continuously. Therefore,repparttar 147612 world is being brought into being anew out ofrepparttar 147613 Divine ‘nothingness’ at every moment. In fact,repparttar 147614 natural state ofrepparttar 147615 universe is non-existence. If G-d were to stop ‘speaking’repparttar 147616 words of creation for even an instant,repparttar 147617 whole universe would disappear as if it had never been!


As a human being, you have been invested withrepparttar 147618 power andrepparttar 147619 purpose to act as a partner in creation. And as such, you are invested withrepparttar 147620 same extraordinary Divine power to speak your world into existence! You haverepparttar 147621 ability to create with your words; to start to bring into being what you truly want out ofrepparttar 147622 infinite potential of your own soul. Just asrepparttar 147623 creation ofrepparttar 147624 universe began with words and is sustained with words, so too every creative process. The words you use actually bring things to life – and when you stop using those words, or change them, you will inevitably create something completely new.

Words of love create nurturing and connection. Words of praise inspire confidence and peace. Words of hope generate positive action. Words of encouragement bring courage into being. Words of vision causerepparttar 147625 soul to come alive.

So choose your words with care – and let there be life!

© Shifra hendrie

*Sincerepparttar 147626 Torah forbidsrepparttar 147627 erasing of G-d’s name, it’s customary to avoid writing it out in full.

Shifra Hendrie is a professional life coach who works with spiritually-minded people to create breakthrough results in their lives, businesses and relationships. She uses a unique combination of profound spiritual wisdom and cutting edge coaching techniques.

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The Truth about Hypnotism

Written by Alan Richardson

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In a typical hypnosis session,the patient sits in a chair and closes his eyes.The therapist begins with some relaxation techniques, such as askingrepparttar patient to imagine a wonderful,peaceful place. Hypnotherapy continues asrepparttar 147566 therapist encouragesrepparttar 147567 patient to go torepparttar 147568 peaceful place by way of a long,descending stairway,each step bringingrepparttar 147569 patient closer to his special place.Asrepparttar 147570 patient descendsrepparttar 147571 stairs in his mind,he begins to relax and each step heightens his relaxation.

Oncerepparttar 147572 patient is totally relaxed,hypnotherapy can begin. The therapist offers suggestions and advice onrepparttar 147573 problem facingrepparttar 147574 patient,and this advice can be taken in and absorbed withoutrepparttar 147575 conscious mind standing inrepparttar 147576 way and putting up roadblocks. Throughoutrepparttar 147577 hypnosis session,the patient is totally aware of what is happening,and he will usually endrepparttar 147578 session feeling very relaxed and more confident about solving his problem.

This article was written by Alan Richardson

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