The Joy of The Perfect Home Business ­ Mail-Order

Written by Barry Lycka

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4. Control of your own destiny. As a mail order entrepreneur, you can decide how much or how little effort you want to put into it.

In traditional business, a change of career means a major change to your entire life, whether you like it or not.

A mail-order business will often begin as a part-time career you do in addition to your "normal" job. Then, as you progress, you can decide to expand your mail-order business until it becomes your only career. The point is: YOU makerepparttar choice as to how fast this happens.

5. Tax considerations. With a mail order business, you can take advantage of many tax breaks. For instance, you can get a tax deduction on your house for space used exclusively for business. You can also usually deduct for computer equipment, extra phone lines, and other equipment you use to run your business.

An, as I mentioned early, you can userepparttar 108227 technique of income Splitting to keep income out ofrepparttar 108228 hands ofrepparttar 108229 taxman!

Whether you are looking for something to simply supplement your income or looking for a complete career change, mail-order businesses have a lot to offer.

As with any other business decision, it is important to look beyond justrepparttar 108230 monetary benefits to seerepparttar 108231 other advantages that are present. As you can see,repparttar 108232 mail-order business provides plenty of these advantages, as well asrepparttar 108233 money-making ones, making it one ofrepparttar 108234 best businesses to be in.

Barry Lycka is co-president of CJSM Pubiblishing Ltd. a business dedicated to constantly helping his customers begin their own businesses at home. If this opportunity to make more money in a more pleasant atmosphere appeals to you, please visit his web site at or write

The 4-Step Formula for Writing Sales Letters That Get Results

Written by Allan Katz

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ACTION: If you're selling consulting services, ask for a contract. If you're writing a fundraising letter, include a reply envelope and ask for a donation. In short, if you want your letter to get results, you have to ask for them. In lead generation, you can offer a free benefits analysis or consultation, or give away a free booklet onrepparttar “10 ways to improve your bottom line profits.” Make it easy to respond. Give them your phone number, fax number, toll free number, e-mail address and a business reply card. Tell them what to do and how to do it to respond to you. Don’t assumerepparttar 108226 prospect knows what you want from them.

As with any creative exercise, formulas are meant to be broken. The AIDA formula is a great starting point to structuring your message for maximum impact and meaningful results.

Allan Katz is President of Katz Innovation Resources, dedicated to coaching and helping retailers and service companies retain their customers and employees. He is a 21 year direct marketing veteran and the author of 4 books on marketing including, "The Complete Guide to Retail Loyalty Marketing."

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