The Joy of Challenge

Written by Rich Fettke

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What about you? What isrepparttar next big challenge for you and when will you go for it? As you take on your challenge you will be rewarded with more ambition and drive. And onrepparttar 136997 other side of your challenge will be a fantastic feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment. Isn't that worth takingrepparttar 136998 leap?

Action Idea: What isrepparttar 136999 next big challenge you've been thinking about taking on? Give it some thought. Get clear, take action and then enjoyrepparttar 137000 high.

Rich Fettke, MCC, is known for helping people take action and stay focused on what really matters. He is the author EXTREME SUCCESS (Simon & Schuster, 2002) and was one of the first business coaches to receive the Master Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation. As a professional speaker, Rich delivers entertaining and educational programs to associations and corporations. Visit Rich on the web at

Do More! Learn More! Create More! Live More!

Written by Mark Cole

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First,repparttar next time you think that you have learned enough about a topic or about your profession, well, then, consider taking up another! Men like Sherman never stopped learning, even though they did not haverepparttar 136838 benefit of easy access to schools. A good strategy to get that extra skill or body of knowledge is to commit to writing a book aboutrepparttar 136839 topic, then start your research. That is preciselyrepparttar 136840 approach of Paul Johnson,repparttar 136841 British journalist and historian. He decides he wants to learn something. So he goes torepparttar 136842 library and starts reading. Eventually he produces a book onrepparttar 136843 topic. Then he starts again. Not a bad way to earn a living, if you think about it.

Second, commit yourself to making an impact in your community. Sherman was an elected governmental official for most of his adult life. He played an enormous role in American history duringrepparttar 136844 countryís formative years. Now, you donít necessarily have to run for office, but you do need to do something to impactrepparttar 136845 community beyond your own immediate self-interest and gratification. Figure out whatrepparttar 136846 best approach is for you in light of your gifts, talents and interests. Then start and never look back!

Third, remember this simple truth: life is not about how little you can do, but about how much. Roger Sherman died when he was nominally 71, but probably squeezed 120 years of productivity into that time. Yes, he was an exceptional individual. But he was also one of us, a flesh and blood human being with both strengths and weaknesses. Yet look at all that he did! If Sherman were alive today, he would affirm to you this simple truth: you can do more, be more, learn more and serve your community more than you are currently!

What are you waiting for?

Mark Cole, an attorney, has degrees from Baylor, Yale, Notre Dame & University of Houston. To learn more about how the Great Men can inspire and motivate you, visit

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