The Joy Of Solo Backpacking

Written by Steve Gillman

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My favorite aspect of hiking solo, is that all action is more natural. We are social animals without a doubt, but when with others, our decisions and actions are made as part of a group. There is always a little tension involved in balancing allrepparttar individual needs.

Consider something as simple as resting alongsiderepparttar 143678 trail for ten minutes. Even while it is a needed rest for one, it can be an unatural break inrepparttar 143679 rhythm for another, and yet a decision must be made to stop or not. Onrepparttar 143680 other hand, decisions flow almost without thought when you are alone. What a wonderful relief fromrepparttar 143681 complications of ordinary life.

If you haven't yet tried solo backpacking, get out there and do it. At least go for an over-nighter. How often do you actually spend a day without seeing another person? You'll appreciaterepparttar 143682 experience. (Watch for my article on solo backpacking tips.)

Steve Gillman is a long-time backpacker, and advocate of ultralight backpacking. His advice and stories can be found at

Alicante heart of the Costa Blanca region

Written by Robert Carlton

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Count on Alicante, too

Either starting fromrepparttar north ofrepparttar 143593 province and having flown intorepparttar 143594 Valencia airport in Manises or directly torepparttar 143595 south, intorepparttar 143596 Altet airport in Alicante, your travel plans can be completed with no sweat. The Altet airport is only 10 kilometers from Alicante city, having incredible connections with other fantastic countries all over Europe like England, Ireland, Swedan, Denmark and Germany to just mention a few. Fromrepparttar 143597 airport torepparttar 143598 city, you have public buses which cost 1 euro and run hourly, taxis or car rentals. Many ofrepparttar 143599 hotels have mini buses which also pick up clients when having been booked beforehand. If you are to go to Benidorm for your holiday first, there are buses which cost 6 euros, running all week. At almost any time ofrepparttar 143600 day, you can go back to Alicante to spend a fun day there visitingrepparttar 143601 Mendez Nunez Promenade for hand made crafts, any ofrepparttar 143602 many museums or choose a special date like in June forrepparttar 143603 famous Saint Johns Fire Festival orrepparttar 143604 Saint Faz - Jesuss Face-Pilgrimage which is usually two weeks after Easter. And still travelling south without leavingrepparttar 143605 Costa Blanca is Guardamar and Torrevieja, both sea shore towns, with their own history, specialty cuisine and traditions.

Even thoughrepparttar 143606 Costa Blanca in Spain seems to take up a large extension of land, if you plan your days carefully, looking at exactly where you wish to visit on you first holiday on a good map, you can surely immerse yourself intorepparttar 143607 charming Costa Blanca rythym.

The writer Robert Carlton lives and works near Alicante. He writes for various publications and magazines on Costa Blanca related topics. You can reach him over at

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