The Irish Driving Scene.An Instructors Perspective.

Written by Robin Piggott

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New Technology The development of technology overrepparttar last number of years has had a big impact onrepparttar 146985 driving environment both positive and negative. Better roads and road markings makerepparttar 146986 driving experience much more pleasurable especially on major thoroughfares; however despiterepparttar 146987 millions of Euro spent onrepparttar 146988 main road infrastructure, Irish country roads will probably remain as they have always been, difficult and full of danger forrepparttar 146989 novice or Tourist Driver. Legislation, most of which has emanated from Europe, has contributed to better maintained cars, that are more Eco-friendly and more easy to drive. Having said that, a car will quite easily go off and do its own thing ifrepparttar 146990 driver has not gotrepparttar 146991 ability to control it under all kinds of weather and road conditions. Cars are much better insulated than years ago sorepparttar 146992 impression of speed is nothing like what it was thirty or forty years ago when you really knew you were travelling at 70mph.Wind noise and vibration kept you alert and aware! Even small family cars today haverepparttar 146993 ability to travel at 100mph (or 156kph) without too much coaxing .Back then a much larger capacity engine of say 1500 cc had a top speed of around 75mph (120kph).This ease of speed gives new and novice driversrepparttar 146994 opportunity to far exceed their capabilities without realising it . Employment In today’s Ireland we have virtually full employment and many sectors are suffering from a lack of skilled employees,repparttar 146995 commercial driving sector being one of many. More jobs andrepparttar 146996 need to get to those jobs on time has created a society that is flush with prosperity and awash with an ever increasing number of new cars onrepparttar 146997 road. The opportunities now being created for younger people with full Driving Licenses are many. Indeed most occupations now require you to have a full driving license and it certainly looks good on a C.V. especially if you are inrepparttar 146998 younger age bracket. So get to it all you young ones and don’t leave it till later on in your career…. Do it now! Accidents Most of these new cars onrepparttar 146999 road are being piloted by Learner Drivers, a good proportion of whom, do not take driving lessons professionally. Unlike most ofrepparttar 147000 rest of our European Neighbours, we do not yet have mandatory tuition for learner drivers, although it is being proposed. Therefore we have a situation whereby learner drivers can buy a car and just head off intorepparttar 147001 wide blue yonder withoutrepparttar 147002 necessary skills to control what is essentially a lethal weapon. Our Accident statistics bear out this point and it would be of great benefit torepparttar 147003 whole community to see a reduction in these horrific figures Recent E.U. Directives have extendedrepparttar 147004 scope ofrepparttar 147005 Driving Test and not before time. There has to be at least a basic knowledge of instruments and equipment before you can passrepparttar 147006 Driving Test today but there are still many areas of driving expertise that do not come withinrepparttar 147007 remit ofrepparttar 147008 Irish Driving Test. An emergency stop; country road driving; high speed carriageway experience and a greater emphasis on hazard perception would go a long way to improving standards on today’s roads by being incorporated intorepparttar 147009 Driving Test.

About the Author. Robin Piggott is the owner of Astral School of Motoring which is based in Limerick, Ireland .He has thirty five years of Driving Experience and has driven Professionally for most of this time, including teaching in – house, before setting up his own Driving School.

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The Waterloo Boy Tractor: Beginning of the John Deere

Written by Dave Cole

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While Deere and Company had been experimenting with various tractor designs since 1912, nothing had proven itself to be a seller onrepparttar market.

After much consideration and despiterepparttar 146904 consternation of certain board members, Silloway believedrepparttar 146905 Waterloo Boy Model N wasrepparttar 146906 second best tractor onrepparttar 146907 market,repparttar 146908 first belonging torepparttar 146909 International Harvester Company.

Sales in 1919 did hit a slump, mostly due to Henry Ford's introduction ofrepparttar 146910 Fordson tractor, butrepparttar 146911 board members of Deere and Company did take an option to purchaserepparttar 146912 Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company.

On March 14, 1918, an agreement was reached byrepparttar 146913 board agreeing to purchaserepparttar 146914 Waterloo company for $2,350,000.

On January 20, 1920 Deere and company were officially inrepparttar 146915 tractor business. The acquisition gave many more sales opportunities torepparttar 146916 Waterloo Boy tractor as Deere and Company had an already established dealer network acrossrepparttar 146917 United States.

The new John Deere Waterloo Boy tractors were to be painted John Deere green, except for: hub caps - red, gasolene tank - red.

The Waterloo Boy decals were were still used, howeverrepparttar 146918 John Deere decals were placed onrepparttar 146919 front.

In March and April of 1920repparttar 146920 Model N hadrepparttar 146921 privilege of beingrepparttar 146922 first tractor tested at Nebraska underrepparttar 146923 new tractor testing law.

The tractor exceededrepparttar 146924 advertised 12 - 25 and became alsorepparttar 146925 first tractor to be certified.

The Waterloo Boy Overtime Tractors

Export ofrepparttar 146926 Model R began in 1917 with tractors going to Denmark, England, France, Greece, Ireland and South Africa. Most of these exported to England were purchased by L. J. Martin, head ofrepparttar 146927 Overtime Tractor Company, London.

Upon arrival these tractors received a new paint job, decals and serial number and a new name....Overtime.

In Great Britain,repparttar 146928 Waterloo Boy tractors burned paraffin, repparttar 146929 British equivalent of kerosene.

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