The Iraqi Election

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Liberals also recognize thatrepparttar Iraqi's could have come to this point through their own means, with their own will and with their own hands.

5- The insurgency is not dead.

The insurgents are not stupid. They recognized thatrepparttar 125885 elections were going to take place despite their violence. Contrary to popular belief,repparttar 125886 insurgency is made up of predominately Sunni Iraqis which compromise 40% ofrepparttar 125887 total population. They are now, through political means, stripped of power. That will only furtherrepparttar 125888 adoption of violence byrepparttar 125889 Sunnis. Withrepparttar 125890 few trained and experienced terrorists that are moving into Iraqrepparttar 125891 insurgency will become more insidious and more lethal. Additionallyrepparttar 125892 borders are still not sealed and will remain that way atrepparttar 125893 present troop levels.

Some Perspective:

The Iraqis have a long and dangerous road ahead. Their courage today should not be made into a political tool wielded by anyone within this country. Keep things withinrepparttar 125894 context of what has occurred leading up to today:

- 100,000 Iraqi's have been killed - 1400+ U.S. troops have been killed - thousands have been maimed and injured for life

This is not a time for celebration. This may be a time for a little cautious optimism forrepparttar 125895 people of Iraq.

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Three of President Bush's failures in his first term

Written by Mike Sylvester

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President Bush got his start in politics asrepparttar Governor of Texas. He often said thatrepparttar 125884 Federal government should stay out ofrepparttar 125885 business ofrepparttar 125886 fifty states. He often said that local and state governments can spendrepparttar 125887 tax payer’s money better thenrepparttar 125888 distant Federal government. On this point, President Bush and I agree. So what has President Bush done to remove power fromrepparttar 125889 Federal government and pass it back torepparttar 125890 fifty states as our Constitution intended?

Duringrepparttar 125891 last four yearsrepparttar 125892 Federal government has taken even more power fromrepparttar 125893 fifty states. President Bush has donerepparttar 125894 exact opposite of what he promised. “No Child left Behind” is a perfect example of going inrepparttar 125895 wrong direction. “No Child left Behind” mandates rules torepparttar 125896 fifty states instead of giving them more power to handle things locally.

The Federal government is extortingrepparttar 125897 fifty states for all kinds of reasons. Inrepparttar 125898 last three yearsrepparttar 125899 Federal government has withheld over thirty million dollars of Indiana’s highway funds because they feel that we do not comply withrepparttar 125900 Federal “open container laws.” How did “open container laws” become a Federal issue inrepparttar 125901 first place, it is absurd. President Bush must yet again receive a grade of “F” on restoring power torepparttar 125902 fifty states and that is a shame. I feel that one of his best ideas was restoring power torepparttar 125903 fifty states.

The Libertarian Party of Allen County stands for fiscal responsibility,repparttar 125904 rights ofrepparttar 125905 fifty states, personal responsibility and accountability, and less government regulation in our lives. If you would like to learn more please contact me at 260-338-0833 or see us online at

Mike is happily married and has a wonderful wife and two wonderful kids. Mike has become politically active to protect his children's futures.

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